Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday's Wanderings.........

I am wandering around my garden after school regretting that I don't see the morning glories in bloom.  They are all spent by then.  I was just about to go back into the house and I looked over and this morning glory is out in full bloom.  This plant is from leftover seed that was in the original container of last years vines. It is a different variety of glory if that is possible as its blooms stay open into the night.

This is my largest of hostas.  I think I have shared before that the leaves are large here where it is planted. Where it is planted elsewhere and  because it is crowded, it has small leaves there.

This leaf comparison helps to show how large the big leaf is compared to the small-leafed hosta next to it.

The signs of fall are in the air.  The temperatures are lower.  We are having sprinkles every once in a while.  The trees are changing a little and the burning bush is changing a lot. I tried to capture a visual of  birds that were taking berries away from the bush.  I think they were house finches but I didn't get a good view of them.  They would fly in and crawl around among the branches and then dart out of there. I am thinking I saw read feathers on their heads but I can't be certain.

I had questions about Barney a few days ago from a few different people. They wanted to know how he was doing with the loss of his white furry brother.  Dogs are a unique animal.  He knew that Button was not well way early on as Button was starting to shut down.  He hung close to him on the floor in front of him.  After we lost Button he seemed depressed.  We could tell that he missed his company.  He had his buddy with him for over 13 years.  When we left them regularly, Button would be in the rocking chair and Barney would be in viewing distance of Button.  We can just tell it is different for  him.  We have started walking him a lot more now. It is good for his back legs which seem to be good right now.  He really would love to sleep and eat all day at this stage in his life.

I appreciate your stopping by today.  I hope all will enjoy today.


Anonymous said...

Hi, The burning bush is so very pretty. It's good to see Barney and I know you all miss Button. We have a lot of deer here so I doubt that I can grow hosta here. Good to see the morning glory bloom, too. I hope you guys will have a peaceful evening.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am sure Barney loves the extra attention even if he misses his buddy. You have a Moon Vine mixed in with your Morning Glories. Go out and look at it in the moonlight...they are so beautiful...I believe sometimes a special moth visits them at night. :)