Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dealing with a Collection......

I finally unloaded my toy collection boxes.  I was glad to get to it but then found that not everything was in the two boxes. I have a lot of farm animals but they were not in this box.  I also have some glass toys, very old, that were not in this box.

Everything is still in the middle of the room as I decided to install one more shelf.  I played the sound on the train yesterday and it really upset the cockatiels.  It makes puffing sounds and then a train whistle goes off. The birds really squawk with warning sounds telling the train to leave them alone.

The cupboard is an old oat sprouter that has a metal lining in it so the wood wouldn't be effected by the moisture of the damp soil in trays. The two shelves you see here are probably not original ones as they may have been wire racks to allow the heat from the light bulb below and the moisture to accumulate inside the box. When then was sold, farmers liked to sprout oats to use for feeding their chickens in the winter. The cupboard was not intended for a piece of furniture so the original finish on the wood was a rough wood with a shellac finish.

I did get the new shelf installed so I can sort things out today. Most of the collections are really odds and ends that I have picked up in life or as gifts. Not one collection of one kind is very extensive.

Those who have been following along regularly know that I still had a gaping joint on the one side of the birds eye maple piece.  I found a thin enough piece of wood to place in the crack and it is all glued together. The fourteen year old kid didn't get the joint cut correctly in one place so the side piece would never go together flush. The filler piece is not made from great wood but it is a good visual filler. Today I will carve off the excess and sand and seal up the last part of this piece.

We are still not sure how we will use the shelved piece of furniture, formerly a flower stand, but we are thinking we can place some books on some of the shelves and display some of my wife ceramic dolls on the rest.  There will be a visual shown once we make the final decision.  I really am glad now that I had not taken the skill saw to it and cut it up.

This is one of my glass collection of toys that I did find.  Candy came inside of the glass plane and then the plane was used as a toy. This one is really beat up but you can see the American star symbol on the wing of it.  I will find the other 5 or more pieces that are packed with glassware somewhere else.

I had to go buy more spray to ward off the Japanese beetles. They are landing out there every evening. The spray, my wife pointed out, really is a combo fertilizer and a liquid that helps to kill the bugs without poison. I had not noticed that before but that means the spray is not something they eat. The coating of it stops them from breathing. I do have to check in the morning as some do show up. Mostly though they fly in at sunset.  I took this shot as it is a different color for me to have of a zinnia.

This is another color that I don't think I have ever seen before in my planting of seeds. The three rows of flowers this year is making up for not having planted a single one last year at the old place.

I have no definitely plans today but  am in a healing mode of lifestyle right now. I am trying to heal up from messed up arthritic hands and a pulled muscle in my one arm.  I do heal up from this stuff but I do have to be so less active to get caught up on the healing.  I can type today so things are better with the fingers.  Picking up a stepladder to replace the five fire alarms in the house won't have to be done again in six months so I can watch what I am doing. We are going to be hotter today and the grass is really slowed down in its growth cycle. I have to stay away for mowers because of my hands and the arm. I am ok with that.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I wish everyone to have a great day.


A Colorful World said...

Great collections! I like that new shelf. We added several to our home when we moved. I just didn't have enough storage! I still plan to have one built in my dining room.

Red said...

Why is it that we end up with so many things that we don't know what to do with?

The Furry Gnome said...

I found a bunch of my old tiny toy cars and trucks today too.