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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Garden Surprise.........

I was out and about spraying those continually pesky Japanese beetles and looked down as I checked my volunteer vines for bugs.  To my surprise I saw a melon laying there on the edge of the grass. The former owner dumped things on the garden in the fall and then would till the various material into the soil.  I had volunteer vines and I just let them go. I have iris starts in the area and the vines will not bother them. I waited to tell my wife until later the next day when I showed her a photo of it

I don't like the feel of the leaves on the vines so I have not really been looking to see if anything was on the vines.  When I see blooms everywhere, I don't expect to see much more as they were late starts in the garden.  So digging around yesterday I found two more melons, side by side. I can't tell you how many times I have planted melons and never ever got any melons. I am assuming these are muskmelons because of their coloring and yet there is the one there that doesn't have that same texture.

This one makes four that I have found. It seems to be smoother and I will just have to wait to see how they develop to determine what they really are. Among all those vines I really am seeing one that reminds me of a watermelon vine.  That may just be wishful thinking. So far, I see no cucumbers and that is fine by me.

I spent a lot of time watering the zinnias and sunflowers as that was what I had planted and  I wanted them to survive our long heat spell in the past.  I did spray the vines with some water just because, which they really did respond to it. I assume this is a yellow squash. There is only one of them but maybe all those other blooms will give me squash too.

I had to spray for Japanese beetles for the third time now. They seem to fly in and eat during the hotter time of the day.  I was disgusted that they came back the second time but I am assuming our light rain washed away the insecticide. I will go out again this morning and check on the zinnias as it seems to be their favorite foliage.

The three rows are all becoming the same height now. It should be a showy set of flowers if I can just keep the foliage from being destroyed. The sunflowers are growing many inches a day as they get rooted in for the season.

I am sort of resting again today.  The dumpster at the house was taken away for the last time so that shows how far I have come with the old house project. The rest will be cleaning and painting and changing the pumping under the kitchen sink.

We had a half inch of rain last evening and it was so needed.  I will spot mow the yard today where it is longer than necessary. Thanks for checking in on me today.  I hope the weather is being better for all of you in your different areas of the country.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you can save the zinnias! Those bugs are horrid:(