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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fifty One Snaps......

My first zinnia shot for the summer. When I planted the seed I did not know if things would turn out. I succeeded in taking the one crowded row into transplanted two more rows. I will be having a large volume of shots of zinnias for a very long time.

As I walked out into the humid evening, the camera immediately fogged over causing this special effect. As hot as it was, I ended up taking 51 different shots last evening.  I think that is a record number for the shoot except for the 71 taken at a hot air ballon show.  Anyway,  I edited out 37 photos to share from that pile of 51 photos.

The three are so bonded that I could never separate them. They enjoyed their time outside while I power sprayed, garden hose, the bottom of the cage. When I do that, I lightly spray them with water and they really like that.  One of them intentionally came towards me trying to get more water. I guess I should put a bowl of water in there, if it is possible so they can splash once in a while. They were tired from their outing and immediately took a nap after the experience.

I have various sizes of sunflowers growing. I keep transplanting the smaller ones into a fine straight row. The high humidity seems to be what they want  as this one plant has doubled in size the past week.  If you have followed me for long, you know that I have to count them to know how many I have. I think there are seven of them but I had some late starters come up the past week.

The flowers surrounding the tomatoes and herbs also liking the hot weather.  I am watering them every day now and they do respond to good treatment. I never expected this planing of the box to turn out so successfully.

I have decided to not go to work on the old place today.  The heat index by mid morning will be 103 degrees F.  What I need to do is outside trimming and mowing. I may try to get up there tomorrow very early morning. We are suppose to have a new roof put on the old house but that seems to be delayed as I doubt the company can work on a building, shingling, in the high heat.

I appreciate your stopping by today.  I wish everyone to have a good day.


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a lovely post today, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially your story about your birds! How they love the water, then got so tired they had to nap. Are they Cockatiels? Your zinnia is so pretty! I have had this camera fogging lately, but I never thought what a beautiful misty picture it would make! Next time I will use this effect for sure! You sound so much like me, I will easily take fifty pictures of something, then have to go through and dump the worst of the lot. What are your orange flowers...they look so much like Mums, but could not be in this heat. I lOVE the color!

Red said...

I don't blame you for not going out to work. It was 21 C (70 F) here today and I find that uncomfortable

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sometimes I would put cupped lettuce leave with a little water in it inside the cage for our bird :)