Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Shots........

I planted the garden a month late so my first pick of tomatoes was yesterday, with this one yellow tomato. It is small but had the real taste of a real tomato.

This blurry shot shows that there will be more to come. I am still fighting off Japanese beetles everyday, but the beetles don't like tomato leaves. I am happy about that. My smaller varieties have plenty of little tomatoes on the vine, they just have not started to ripen. We do have a few fiends that are anxious for them to ripen as we do like giving them to others.

I thought I had lost this plant during our one heat wave. The whole plant shut down but lots of nurturing has brought it back. It has started blooming all at once the past few days.

I bought it as a hanging plant but that seems to cause them to dry out more easily. I now just keep it on the deck right outside the door so I can keep the watering on schedule. This is the time of the year where flower gardens can shut down with August weather. I hope to keep things alive for as long as possible. I can not believe as to how fast this summer has passed.

We have been having a lot of puffy clouds the past few days. A panoramic camera would be great to have at the time.  I had a panoramic, inexpensive camera years ago, back when they still developed film.  It took great photos but it was for only a short period of time as film technology changed. I will someday pull those old shots out and share some of them.

I took a lot of shots of the swallowtail recently but it has not been back. I try to be careful with the bug spray, using it only on the leaves. The beetles only land and eat the leaves. They stay off the flowers. That still might keep them away. If I were not spraying, there would not be many leaves left.

It is a sunny day today with cooler temperatures. We will take as many good days as we can have. Thank you for stopping by today.


Red said...

I like your fair weather cumulus clouds. They are fun to look at from above and your flight will be very bumpy!

racheld said...

Good Morning, Larry!

I'm glad to see you're having some lovely weather over there, and your plants are reflecting all your love and care. I especially love the pink zinnia, because zinnias are such BUBBA flowers, flourishing in almost every little stomped-down yard in the South when I was growing up. They even seem tough when you cut them, with stiff stems and hardy leaves.

Hope all is well with you all---all this rain has made my hosta beds SO happy this Summer---our GRAND who visits often is a bit put out that she doesn't get to water very often---she's quite fond of spending hours out there with the hose.

We're sunny and 70s today---great for the cusp of August!


A Colorful World said...

I don't have any tomatoes yet, and I can't wait!