Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Late, Warmly Created, Post for Today....

The hidden box has been freed from all of the junk on it. The box was filled with Christmas angels.  I was glad as they did not have to be unloaded.  The container was stacked away in the basement storeroom with all the other Christmas things. The round leg with the threaded end is the fifth leg to my grandmother's walnut table. When the table is extended for boards there is a leg in the middle to support the extra boards.

The desk lamp is an old one. the base is cast iron.  The rest of it is made of different metals. I have to yet decide where it will be placed in the downstairs room. The things on the chest of drawer are still on temporary hold until I find the drawer in which they belong.

The black eyed Susans are opened up now and putting out a great yellow in the front garden. As all of the different perennials open up and branch out I have no room for the new coneflower.  I will just have to plant it somewhere else.

I did get this for a low price as it is in the middle of a hot summer and prices are dropping. I will find a special place for this.  I am interested in seeing if the breeding of these gives me all consistent red flowers.

I spent a couple of hours at the old house this morning. It just got too hot for me to be outside and I had to come home. I am trimming up all the spare free growing trees that should not be there.  I had a truck load of things from last week and a nice guy came by and took them to the tree dump for me. I created another large pile today.  I did give him a fixer upper riding mower and I told him he owed me nothing, but he is glad to help. I know that he helped me a lot as I just don't have all the time I need to get the place cleaned up.

I hope that this heat is not everywhere.  I do know a lot of you are having some of it.  We all have to stay inside and stay safe.  I left a full unopened pop in the truck and some time over the weekend it did explode. The mess is minimal but the floor mat needs to be hosed down to clean off the initial splash.  Thank you all for stopping by today.


Anonymous said...

Glad you purchased a bargain cone flower. I sure wish we had brought our bargain red cone flower with us. Have not seen one for sale around here this summer.
The cast iron base to the lamp is a great idea. The newer ones seem to turn over too easily.
It is very hot here. John is bored but I am making him stay out of the heat!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, it is also hot here in NH, Larry, so if we have anything to do like a walk or errands, we get those in esrly in the day. Of course, it will be even warmer when we return to the VA house next week. That lamp with the cast irin base looks interesting and hopefully you can find a bulb that fits it.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your flowers are looking great! The squirrels have been real hard on my little flower garden, it doesn't look much different than a month ago :( I hope you are staying cool! :) Love that new color coneflower!

Patsy said...

If we water the flowers they love this heat, But I liked to have melted
out there this morning.You sure are getting a lot done.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Now; that is HOT. It is almost 100 today, and I decided to cancel my trip. I like the red Cone Flowers! Good idea to set it apart! Your yellow and purple flower bed is so pretty! Are you going to sell the old house?