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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Better Late Than Never........

My dad's windmill, what is left of it, did make the move.  The base did not make the move and the bottom half of it has been cut off a few years ago.  I can't decide if this modern suburb can handle seeing something weathered and worn.  I have it on the patio for now in the back and will decide later. I guess I could paint it and rework it. The roof is of wood that has natural weathering with moss growing on it.

This is a bad photo of the thistle but I kept it because of the quality of the shot of background foliage. The was taken in the ditch near where I shot the harbor scene next to Lake Saylorville. I could not begin to identify all of the greens but they are sure doing a good job of preventing erosion.

I immediately watered this poor plant after I took the photo. I am not use to having plants on a deck and they are really in hotter, arid conditions out there. My friendly vine continues to wrap itself into the slots of the floor.  I am making cuts of the vine and waiting for it to die before I remove it.

I was late to post today as I seem to be moving slow today.  I was out this afternoon and our heat is overwhelming. I keep pecking away with fingers that don't like to always hit the right keys. I found a new flowering plant today hiding among the red twig dogwood bushes.  I will share those shots tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Our heat/humidity have been especially bad today. I enjoyed the petunia and daylily photos. Keep us posted on the windmill.

The Furry Gnome said...

We wre moving very slowly today!