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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Stay Inside...

I know that I had noticed the half moon earlier this week but for some reason it now is visible in early morning. I don't understand all of the night and day appearances of the moon.  I went to get the camera this early morning and of course the clouds were covering it.  I waited and then snapped it as quickly as possible, forgetting to zoom it in, so it could be viewed easily. You have to click on the photo and you can see it is a half moon.

At the opposite side of the house, this is what we were seeing. It was a lucky shot as it quit glowing unless that a few minutes.

Switching subjects instantly, I found this marking on the back of my wife's mother's dishes. They were made in Ohio, and they are definitely made by union workers. My wife has only a few of these saucers and a few plates. It is good she has some of her mom's things in which  to remember her .

Switching to another old thing is the wooden box.  It held various small jars and cans of furniture stains. It came from a old furniture store from Aplington, Iowa.  It is a long story to tell so I won't as to how I have it. I have always wanted to restore the box.

The inside label does tell the story of its purpose.  I tossed most everything out of the box a few years ago but I do have two things kept from it.  I don't have available photos of them at this time of posting.

The weather is the subject by all as the temps are either very high or the humidity is overwhelming with high percentages. Barney doesn't waste any time of choices of place, laying on top of one of the vents that is blowing out cool air. It jest seems to have caused our lawns to all go dormant in the past two days.  The neighbor in the southish directionhas been watering his grass and it didn't keep it from going brown.

It is late in the day but I did get my post done.  I hope everyone is safe and has had a good day.  Thanks for checking in on me today.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Ha! I took a picture of the same moon! My picture turned out blurry though, so I didn't bother posting it on the blog. Still, there must be something to it if someone else noticed it. Your picture turned out nice and bright. It's very cool seeing the moon during daylight hours.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Barney is a smart dog! Chance lays on the tile floor with the fan. Your bouquet of flowers in lovely. My Mom had those same dishes when I was growing up, I still have part of a set packed away a place setting for two maybe and extra cups:)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good advice to stay inside, Larry. We were outdoors part of Saturday and most of Sunday and the weather was nice, but today on Monday it's quite warm, although the humidity is not unbearable. I liked the old wooden box. The sky and clouds with the light shining through was stunning.