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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stuff on Saturday......

Can you find the rabbit?  I am downstairs tightening all the joints of a glider rocking chair.  I finally found every single loose connection on the rocker.  I sat it up and tried the chair to see if it was sturdy again.  I rocked in the chair for about 20 seconds and out the window I see this furry creature crawling out from the bushes.

I have no way of knowing this rabbit is the little one that we had a month ago that was hiding out there under the pine tree and rhubarb leaves. We have not seen any rabbits for weeks. There was a mother rabbit out there which was much larger than this little one.

I can see that these guys would be a pest during the time that new vegetable plants were sprouting but these days he was out there eating grass.  I am good with him being in my yard. I have a neighbor that is not good with it any time of the year.

I had been questioned by one of my blogger friends about the white coneflowers. It made me question that if what I had was coneflowers and not white daisies.  It made me blink but yes here are the white coneflowers. I have yet to plant my new red coneflower.  I am waiting for it to cool off a little bit. We are so grateful for the rain a day ago.  The inch and a half of moisture was a blessing. On the negative side, the rain was a hard driven one and the petunias were really messed up from it.  I am hoping that a couple more days and the will regroup and bloom normally.

I changed the basement painting recently as the one hanging there before leaned out away from the wall.  The wire allowed a space to be there and this framed oil painting does fit close to the wall. There won't be anything sticking out as one walks by it. We changed paintings all of the time in the old house and I just change two painting in the group adding the son's portraits, done by my wife, into the wall arrangement.

Many different things to do this morning. I am debating the need for watering plants. It is so hot that I think I should do it even though the humidity is so high.  I wish everyone to have a great weekend.Thanks for stopping by today.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Yes, they are definitely Coneflowers. We have a lot of Coneflowers here, but I have never seen a white one! What a sweet rabbit! And I love your header! Reminds me of Beatrix Potter. Rabbits have no defense, shame on anyone who harms them.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I simply love seeing rabbits. This year we seem to have plenty of them :)
Your white Coneflower is called Wild Swan, I think I did a post on mine earlier.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend Larry.

Red said...

Lots of the big bunnies (jack rabbit) here. They don't seem to do much damage.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes there are White coneflowers they are called Echinacea alba:)