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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday's Bother.......

Tuesday evening I had seen some insect damage on my zinnias. We went to Menards for many things but I asked for the best spray for Japanese Beatles. I returned home from the store and found myself unloading a lot of the spray on these larger marigolds. They were not there the night before but they sure were the next morning.

The news was sharing that people had swimming pools full of these and others had whole trees shredded but I really had not noticed them before. So far zinnias and this one kind of zinnia was all they wanted and once they were sprayed they were dead. This time I was at the right spot at the right time.

The moon is almost gone.  I could see this morning that the sliver of a moon and the sun were very close together.

I buy a red cornflower and then the off spring sprouts are not red. I do hope that they turn red. I am hoping that the hot weather is messing with its growth patterns.  I haven't plants this yet but will once we cool down. Things seem to not be working well today so as I look at this flower I just figure put it on the list.

I planted morning glories twice and finally I have two seed that have started to sprout. I used brand new seed and didn't get a start.  I then added some old seed that I harvested from the old place. I can't imagine them ever maturing soon enough for blooms as this is late July. I was just thinking I needed to take the flower box back to the garage so I could use the dirt for potting soil. I guess the seed heard me thinking it and hurried to sprout. I have blogger friends in the south who have loads of vines and hundreds of blooms of morning glories right now. This is really sad what I see here.

The pot of oxalis are finally adjusted to the new place. The were inside all winter and taking them outside this spring did give them a shock. The move was easy but I haven't been taking good care of them. Now they are downstairs on the patio and I hit them with the garden hose once in a while and they seem very happy. I have had to water things every day now. I missed watering the front planter of petunias by a half day and they sure did take a hit from the heat.  I won't skip anything every again.

The front planter is doing well and these little filler petunias are taking off.  Once everything is planted I could see my wife's garden needed to have a few extra plants to fill spaces.

I bought a rose this morning as it needed to be rescued from the nursery.  It is sitting in the kitchen sink right now soaking in water and some air conditioning. I don't have an idea as to where it should be planted but I will dig a hole somewhere. Its shape is really bad but the rose itself is a multi petaled one, which I have never owned before. I know that once I can get it happy in the ground that I can trim it into a better shape. The tag says it can turn into a three foot tall and high rosebush.

My radio in the truck is giving my problems. I look up things on the internet and found that at the time the 2008 Tundra trucks were sold that an unusual  number of the radio volume knobs went bad.  A malfunctioning knob when it was brand new.  I won't have any warrant on this so I will be buying a new radio for the truck some these days. The radio did start working this morning but sometime during the trip it had to kick out.  Later it was back on again.

I am trying to fix my birds eye maple furniture peace and the Gorilla glue is not working.  I have had to reclaim it now and put a nail into it to help keep the gap closed.  I counter sunk the nail and will fill the hole over the nail.  If this doesn't work I am not sure what will work.  I will have pictures when it has been repaired.

I have a couple of other things that seem to be contrary to repair. I won't continue whining about them but if I figure out their repair I will share. Our heat is so high that I didn't bother to go work at the old house.  I may go up early morning tomorrow and not stay for long as things keep needing to be done.

I wish you all to have a good rest of the day.  I hope you are able to stay in a cool spot and not be outside. Thanks for stopping by today.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I recognized these Japanese Beetles right away. They should have stayed in Japan. ALL they do is eat and reproduce. And sometimes both at once. Your marigolds are gorgeous, and I'm glad you git a handle on them before it is too late.

Mildred said...

Sorry about the radio in your truck. Our neighbors have 3 sons (ages 17 - 21) and they are forever adding/changing radios in their trucks. The music they listen to is so foreign to us! lol
Glad you spotted the beetles right away. They are most attracted to the crepe myrtle that was here when we moved in. It does not affect the blooms but the leaves look terrible.
Don't get too hot working. Wishing you both a nice evening.

A Colorful World said...

NOT good! Hope you get them under control quickly! The rest of the garden is looking nice.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Stay cool I hope the beetles are gone for good:)