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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Middle of the Week.......

The rain is coming today.  It actually is not coming from the southeastern direction. It is entering the state from Nebraska, west of us and will be here by 10:00.

I will be out planting the coneflower somewhere out there in the back yard before the rain. I am pleased to see the blooms are turning from orange to red as the blooms mature. It needs to be pulled from that pot as it dries out too quickly while sitting out on the deck.

I also have this sickly looking rose to get planted this morning. It is a different kind of rose for me and was a good sale item. The whole bush is a gangly-looking thing too that needs to be taken out of the pot and put in the good earth. I know there is a certain term for this kind of rose but I don't know it at this time. I know some of the English roses look more like this than a tea rose. I am alway an optimist with buys like this as I know I can get it to grow better than it does at the nursery.

I was watching the  "America Pickers"  a couple of days ago and I am amazed at how much people can collect. I laughed about myself as I brought this box to the house a few days ago.  I gave it a bath and it is cleaner than it has never been before since I acquired it. I have a series of shots of this and lots of words to say about this box but I will spare everyone today.  It is an egg crate. The eggs were stacked in layers with cardboard like spacers. I could see there being 6 layers of eggs packed in there. The part of history that I like about it is the marks of the farmers who used this. There are patches over holes. There are pieces of lathe nailed to reinforce it from falling apart. I also have a family name written with a crayon on the box.  Enough for now of sharing my box.

I trimmed back all of the roses in the front of the house and they have been getting some extra  water once in a while. They are now blooming again.  I took this photo from a distance as I didn't have shores on to get close. The camera said it was going to focus on the new bud and as you can see it did its job.

It did not cool down much last night but 76 F. is better than nothing for our weather right now. It still is promised that we will be 88 F. by the end of the day, after the rains. Thank you for stopping by today.

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The Furry Gnome said...

I've got an old egg box like that!