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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Moments......

The stargazer blooms live in exile out on the patio.  We can enjoy them out there anytime when we walk buy the sliding glass doors.  We both are breathing better with them not sending their strong fragrance throughout the house.

The sunflowers live in a sort of a jail also as I placed screens over them to keep the birds from snapping them off. I guess it could be rabbits but I so see the birds rolling in the soil and picking the bugs off of plants.

When they are allowed to grow this sunflower shows it can develop quickly.  I still have some blank spaces in my row and I am hoping the new seed will start soon.

I have been to the old house this morning salvaging some of the last things from the basement.  I am almost done down there with most things left to go to the dumpster.  I ran into another container of children's books in a plastic bin that I didn't know we had.  My wife suggested that we sort and donate to Goodwill. I agree as there are too many children's books. I tossed a college dorm refrigerator and kept one to put downstairs in our other art studio.

The day seems to be a beautiful day even though it has warmed up so much. We have soft fluffy clouds and sunshine too.

We should be done planting flowers but a few days ago I tore out some large sprawling plants in this front planter.  They were not good plants for the area and were larger than the roses behind them.  They reminded me of Joe Pye Weed kind of flowers.  At Walmart we picked through the last of the petunias and found something to place in the long planter space.  It probably is too late but I will encourage them everyday.

I actually took this photo to show that I attached my bracket to the house in which to hold my flag. It is installed on the plastic siding with very long screws to reach the wood behind that fake stuff.

I started planting earlier this morning but need to return this afternoon to get them finished.  From the large front planter experience, I know that it will take a few weeks to get any kind of real growth out of them.

I will close down this post for the day.  I wish all of you a great day.  Thanks for stopping by today.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Yes, the Stargazers are so pretty but a little too strong a scent for me too !
We've resorted to putting cages and wire frames around everything, or so it seems. It's the only way we can protect them from the deer :(
Wishing you a Happy and safe July 4th.

Mildred said...

Good Evening, Your home is very pretty and I love the flowerbeds. I hope the petunias do well for you. The Star Gazers are too strong for me indoors but I love their fragrance in the great outdoors.
We have donated a lot to Goodwill and recently I put a few items in a local consignment shop. I wish you both a good evening and a nice Fourth of July.