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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesday's Things......


As I keep these flower spikes watered they continue to fill out with more blooms down the stems.  I have a difficult time getting a shot of these as there are two different phone boxes and another kind of utility box in this corner of the lot. The neighbor and I share the corner so to speak as he has planted his corner to the line with roses and day lilies and the former owner had these flowers planted with asparagus plants. There is not fence between us and I already got a negative feedback on the subject.from him. I won't push the issue until next spring. Barney is too old now to want to go back there and there are not cats on or people going by for him to bark at for fun.

Close by to the corner of the lot is this garden.  You can now see my three rows of zinnias.  The front row was the original one planted and the back two are the transplants from the front row. It will be interesting to see if the shorter ones will catch up the the tall first row. The sunflowers are peaking over the wire fencing now. I still have some younger ones that are coming up which need protected from whatever bird likes to snap them off.

I don't know what kind of vines that they are but I am letting two of the grow. They are flowering already.  The vines look differently so maybe I can have a cucumber and a muskmelon. I will just wait to see what sets on the vine. This soil is well fortified unlike the clay soil in the whole backyard.

The patio tomato is bred to be a smaller and stouter plant. It has deep dark-colored leaves and mine has put on a tomato. My neighbor to the southish direction saved grass clippings for me so things look really good in the raised garden.

Looking down from above you can see that things keep growing.  The marigolds on the right have rooted in and are surprising large compared to what I first put into the soil. That brown grass received a half inch of rain on it last night.  I hope it helps in our now declared drought area. My neighbor to the northish planted her tomatoes a month before me and her plants are twice this height.

This is the time of the year on my blogging that I apologize for having mostly flowers so I will share bucket boy today.  He has been gone for a while as I knocked him over with the mower, causing his head to break off. His head is now super glued on again.  His bucket has rusted through now which helps me out. I don't have to dump the water out of it anymore after each rain.  Bucket boy probably was never intended to be outside as much as I have had him but he is plastic.  He stayed outside in the winter and had piles of snow on his head. I did have to toss one of my other sculptures yesterday as it had been knocked off of a bench and too many things broke off from it. It was a shape of a koi fish. I was going to spray him with gold paint.

All of the boxes from the buffett are now all emptied. I pulled this glass piece out of the last box yesterday and my old grey cells had to work overtime to remember. We have a lot of glass things like this and this had been stored for a few years in the back of the buffet. It was packed, traveled the distance and now I pull it out in wonderment.  I do now remember it was my mom's. It is on a short pedestal and it matches a lot of the glass dishes and one lone glass of the same pattern. I now remember creamy fruit salads served in it and if we were lucky, miniature marshmallows mixed in too.  I placed this fallen daylily into shallow water in the piece when I returned from the old place. As I would cut day lilies of this variety, the main larger bloom just fell off. I am running the glass piece through the dishwasher right now to see if the years of wear and tear can be removed from all of the cracks. The dishwasher tends to clean glass better than sudsy water in a sink.

I am closing down the blog today with this shot of the monarda, bee balm.  There apparently not one in the area with honey bees as there was not a single on on the flowers. There were about 6 bumblebees on this plant when I shot the photo.

My fingers are resisting the hitting of the correct keys this morning. I did some things at the house that makes the hands react to that kind of work.  Spell check is a disaster in most cases so I do try to proof things.  I think I have caught the mistakes, but if not, sorry.  Thanks your for shopping buy today.


Patsy said...

Oh! I hope you don't find you have an unreasonable neighbor.
When our new neighbor moved in he and his grandfather were
nice. Later all hell broke with property line and it was
in the front yard. You may remember some of my post. One
big reason we sold the house, just to old to fight with
the young man.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Too bad about your neighbor, but you can put a fence up if you wish to on your property if he doesn't like it too bad. I know I am terrible...good thing Barney doesn't go that way but what if he did? I wouldn't like having a neighbor like that. The Liatris is lovely and yes it sometimes wilts in the heat of summer:) .