Monday, June 19, 2017

First Day.......

An evening sky is becoming clear with spots of clouds yet to move out of the way. My neighbor's tree takes centerstage of the composition with a highlighted small cloud sharing the sky with a gloomy fluffy cloud.

A different view from on my back deck.  It is like an observatory out there with a wide expanse of the evening sky. We have yet to have the time to go out there and sit in the evening. I must happen some time this summer.

I hung my romanesque birdhouse on the stairs.  It really is more decorative than functional.  The thing is though that some wren spent a lot of time filling it with small sticks.  It was filled from the bottom to the top of three to four inch long sticks. It took quite a while to get it cleared.

Out on the patio the oxalis has regrouped and is thriving again.  It had been in the old house all winter and died back during the move.  I don't know if bunnies eat parsley but I decided to put it in a pot and place it on the patio instead of putting it out among the tomato plants.

We attended a celebration party for Elva and Leona Wolfe Sunday afternoon.  It was held at the community center of Murray, Iowa.  The town is almost all gone but both sides of main street was packed with cars. Leona and Elva each turned 90 years old in the past months. The wedding anniversary was also near to the date as they have been married 69 years.

Leona is a first cousin of my dad's.  Their three kids were schoolmates of mine and we all have kept in touch.  Their son was in my class and the  two girls were close behind in ages. Leona was my mom's best friend even though my mom was older than her and had been her country school teacher.  Elva told me yesterday how much he appreciated my dad and that he learned how to fish with my dad.

It is Monday and we do seem to have a lot to do today.  I have completed mowing and trimming today and will now cool off for a while.  The weather is clear and hot today.  The yesterday's sky seem to be putting out many different kinds of colors and kinds of clouds too.  Thank you for stopping by today.


Anonymous said...

They are a great looking couple; congrats to them on a long marriage.
I appreciate you sharing the photo.
You certainly capture beautiful sky pics.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That birdhouse is beautiful. That sweet wren did a lot to get those sticks in there.