Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Second Day of the Week......

The gift from the previous owners are starting to entertain me a little. I have decided to move them around in the backyard every time I mow. I pulled them out from against the fence as they looked crowded by the bushes.  I don't get the negatives from the real Canada bird so I can let them roam around in the yard. I like how the one's head is up like he is the sentinel.  Our big grocery store near us had a pair of Canada geese raise a large batch of young ones.  We see them walking around in all the grass areas around the store or over by the water drainage area where there are lots of cattails.

I saw the sliver of the moon this morning out front of the house while I was out with Barney.  I immediately went to the back yard deck to take a picture and there is nothing to be seen.  The clouds were covering it.

I kept going in and out to watch for it to show up again while helping with breakfast. It just wasn't going to show up anywhere with all those clouds.

Then I found the moon and snapped this one shot.  It was gone in an instance as the closer dark cloud moved in to cover it up again. It really is a sliver of a moon right now. If you need help to find it, the moon is exactly in the center of the photo both from side to side and top to bottom.

My wife and I spent the morning at the old house working on a project that I was just putting off for too long.  We are taking apart an old upright piano.  I found a person on the web who created a movie to show  how they all come apart.  We worked a couple of hours and did get a lot of it taken down.  We have another day to finish the job.  I know some people will cringe when they hear we are ditching it but that is the only solution.  I know it took four or five men to move it in and I am betting it would tear up my floors now to try to take it out. I have to open up the youtube movie again to see how to take the rest of it apart.

I have lots of things I need to do today as we keep on moving in or unpack all that has been moved in.  My wife's office/studio is almost completely installed now and she can start working in a studio again.  I appreciate you visits to the blog.  See you tomorrow, maybe.


The Furry Gnome said...

Nice skies!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I do see the sliver of moon! Pretty. I can't blame you for taking the piano apart to prevent damage to the floor.
One of the homes we bought, the previous owners moved a pool table out that caused damage to the floors/walls as they were dragging it thru the house. I wish you both a good day.