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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Color Filled Cooler.....

The colors in drinks really do enhance the sales of these kind of things.  I am working the coffee shop this morning at school for a few periods.  I couldn't resist catching this sight.  The kids order them by color rather than flavor.

Sugar filled drinks and water both are big sellers out of the concession stands.  These are sold at ballgames rather than selling open cups of fluid.  It would be faster to sell with a bottle than pouring out a coke per glass.  Blue is the color for water as it makes it look cold even if it is just room temperature.

The tree looks better to me now as I have had  time to rearrange the ornaments.  It really isn't that important to me but I am a visual person and I don't like things looking off balanced.

The first Christmas card came a day or two ago laying on the counter top there.  It is from a women who lived with her family as neighbors to us when we were on the farm.  She was a high school girl and I was in Kindergarten.  We had a dirt road for a few years and she drove the old fordson tractor past our house and I got to  ride on the hood as we traveled to the bus at the gravel corner. Her name was Beverly and she is now retired and goes to Florida for the winter with her husband.

I had yesterday off and I did get some work done on the addition of the porch roof.  It went well and I didn't get too cold.  I wasn't expecting to work today but an associate who works with a student all day was ill and I told her I would try to always sub for her so she wouldn't have to worry about her girl.

School is called off for tomorrow as the funeral for the young man who collapsed at basketball practice will be Thursday morning. I then won't be called for work and I plan on not working on Friday.  So today is like my Friday for the week.

We are warming up to unusually warm temps but it just won't last. My neighbors who had been living in their Florida home returned to spend Christmas with their families.  He was out mowing grass and leaves.  It sounded like summer had returned.   When he and his wife returned I didn't see them arrive.  When I was walking Barney the night before I was startled to see the tv glowing inside.  I could see it from front window through the curtain.  I have been watching the house and they left a light on night a day.  That light was still on but the tv was on.  Anyway, later in the evening I did see a few other rooms being lighted so I didn't call the cops. I wasn't expecting them to come home until spring.

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Mildred said...

We keep lower calorie Gatorade in the frig in case we were to get sick. John likes "blue" and I like "orange!" Not my favorite taste but keeps us from dehydrating if sick.
Your tree and the stuffed animals are so sweet.
I know tomorrow's funeral for the young man will be very hard for the many who loved him.
Glad you are making some progress on the porch roof. We have been blessed with mild temps the last several days. John goes out back and rakes pinestraw to put around the base of our new trees.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sad day at your school tomorrow. Never can tell from one day to the next who will be here and who will be in heaven.
It is warm here, I won't complain a bit! :)