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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday's Finds......

A glass train that used to hold candy many years ago. I have been told that they were sold as gifts for kids with the candy to eat and the item to play with afterwards.  I have told the story before that I am up in an old attic with a very leaking roof.  Everything is just rotted and the floor is actually plaster ceiling and wooden beams.  The attic had been ransacked for year with antique people stealing as much as the could and stuff is strewn everywhere.  I look down and I have this glass train under my left foot. It was a great reward for a very sad adventure in an attic.

I am looking through the collection and I am missing the airplane.  It must be in my toy cabinet.  The car was my mom's that I remember seeing once in a while when it was brought up out of a big trunk every few years. I never thought I would ever own it.

The dog was given to us from my wife's cousin at the time the  Aunt's place was being closed down. The cousin said they named it after one of the President's black dog at the time. The phone in the background did have a wooden mouth piece but that didn't  remain with through all those years. They all have to be over 60 years old.

The reason the glass items are out and about is that I finally hung the shelving  piece that I had pulled from the garbage.  It hangs now above the built-in buffet in the dining room and the glass items were taken off of their shelf so the hammering vibration would not knock them down and break them.

I am doing two jobs today. I am working the middle school desk for a while then moving into 7th grade Literacy classes.  During free periods I will have to come back to the desk.  It is Friday and I am glad.  I had a day off in the middle of the week but now that it is closer to Christmas I need to be home.  We have things to buy tonight to ship tomorrow.  Cards have not been purchased nor a letter has not been created.  A couple of  full days would solve that problem.

We are very cold again today but warming up weather is promised for next week.  I am ready for warming already.  Thank you for stopping by today. 


Mildred said...

Those glass containers are wonderful treasures. Rarely do we see any of these in antique shops.
Hope you both have an enjoyable and productive weekend.

Patsy said...

We got real cold last night, feels more like December.
Christmas is getting close.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Interesting glass pieces! I wonder if the scottie dog is a creamer or a spoon holder...very nice pieces:) Better get those card and get them in the mail!! Mine are ready to go, but haven't been to the mailbox yet:)