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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Happy Saturday to You......

The nutcracker stands gaurd over the teddy bear tree.  The lighting isn't strong but the colored lights make a nice effect on the wall. I don't collect nutcrakers but I see that it would be an easy collection to start as they seem to sell a lot of different ones in the stores.

Our oldest son sent us a cd of Charlie Brown themed Christmas music.  I had it in my computer the past two days at school and I played it while the kids took test or did work.  Some of the kids recognized it right away from seeing the Charlie Brown Christmas specials every year on television.

We started playing Christmas music late this year.  It seems we are seeing the holiday coming way to quickly this year.  I know it is the same each year but our weather has kept us from really getting organized on the things we have to do.  I just finished reading letters from people that they had in their cards.  I usually write the Christmas letter and I am slow.  Maybe I am rebelling and trying to wait until the last minute.  We will see what happens. 

A very generous gift from out oldest son is this hand me down telephone.  He is trying to put us into the future.  We will move into it slowly but once we get it going we can skype with our grandson on the internet.  This means we can see AJ on the screen while we talk to him and he can see us too. 

I like the reflection of the Christmas tree in the cover of the I phone. It was a happy accident.  I don't plan that well when I take photos.

We are off this morning to visit and have a meal with my wife's friend in Des Moines. She is the one that had chem therapy this summer.  She seems to be doing better and has some surgery planned in the next month.  She wants KFC for lunch so we are taking her the meal.  She is serving dessert and coffee afterwards.  It should be a fun thing for us all.  Christmas gifts will be exchanged. 

We are very cold today compared to what we have been experiencing.  Colder than the cold that I was complaining about last week. We will warm up to just freezing.  I wish everyone to have a good weekend and thank you for stopping in today.


Mildred said...

I have a blog friend in GA whose sis gives her a nutcracker each year. She has quite a selection. Have you seen the cute Planter's Peanuts commercial where the nutcracker had cracked Mr. Peanut's skull? He is wearing a Band-Aid on the crack! lol
You will love skypeing. Larry enjoys that each weekend with his 2 grands. I know it will be nice to get together with your wife's friend for lunch and I pray she will do well with surgery. Have safe travel and stay warm. It is colder in GA too after a very windy day yesterday.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You will like talking with AJ maybe you can read him books! Technology at it's finest! Have a fun day! Cold here too:(

The Furry Gnome said...

We find we stay in touch a lot more with our children and grandchildren now that we have a smartphone, now that we can text back and forth. We use Facetime too. Makes a big sifference.