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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Middle of the Week of Five......

It took it all night to get this slight dusting of snow. It was coming down in scattered flakes when I was last out with the dog last night.  North of us they have had many inches of snow.

It is a pretty snow and we are not going to keep much of it around.  That is why I decided to catch a few shots this morning before I came to work.

I did have to push out a small path for Button in the back of the yard but it was really an easy job. Barney liked it so much that he just lay down in it and soaked in the coolness of it.

We were both very tired but we hit the one tree last night.  It was three boxes of angel ornaments and after the first box was emptied, we just stayed on it.  It looks really good and we feel better that it is now decorated.  The tree sat there bare for two days.

This angel looks a little stern but I think the fake pine needle over its mouth makes it have a strange expression.

One tree down and four more to go.  We tend to do the largest one last and I really don't know why.  I guess the others are themed one and we can whip them off as a job in a quicker fashion. I really don't know what we will do next but we will talk about it.

 This is where I have worked all week. It is a better job that most in this school. I do get to take in a class once in a while to test with the regular group still in here.  I had all the chairs filled yesterday last hour.  That was a challenge.  It is nothing for me to get double duty when someone, a teacher, goes home early.

Our two boys used this library when they were in high school.  It has changed a lot as the place had to be eradicated of ancient resource books. Encyclopedias are nonexistent.  Books in here were as old as the 1900's when the school first started.  Some philosophy of principals is that students don't need books to read.  They think all of it should be on the internet.  This school has English teachers who think otherwise and the middle schools kids do a lot of reading and seem to really like it. I find my day busy checking in books and finding new books for kids on the shelf.

I found these two items on a tree upstairs that never were removed from the tree.  It helps me to know which tree it is and what I put on it.

Last night at our local gas station a man was identified as a murderer of two people in Des Moines.  As he left from buying gas the workers called it in as to where he was.  He ended up out on our major four lane highway held at bay for 5 hours.  It was just a few miles out and the guy sat in idle and refused to come out of the van.  Finally when he ran out of gas and became cold he gave himself up.  All of it caused the major highway to be shut down for all that time.  He lived in a house of 8 people, not related to any of them, but killed two of them with a gun and left.  A baby and toddler were in the house at the time.  Being in a small town really doesn't remove us from the happening of the big city.  The Casey's store is only three blocks away.

In my off times as a librarian I am making these for a tree that is in the library.  German bells make a great paper decoration. My old fingers seem to be having a more difficult time with the process but I stay determined.  I want to make some smaller than this one but I am not sure that it will happen.  Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, crime and sadness seem to be everywhere these days. We are currently watching the horror in San Bernardino on tv.

I look forward to seeing all your trees. I might have tackled the biggest one first! Mother had 7 trees, some small, some big. We would just take our time and enjoy the process.

These days, we no longer decorate...we're just too rigid and clumsy.

I do enjoy seeing everyone's collections in blogland.
Your snow is pretty.

The Furry Gnome said...

You're a fair way south of us, but you have more snow than we do!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Those paper decorations are interesting! Looks like a nice place to read a book in your Library. We got three plus inches of snow at the is so heavy it kept packing down...I think it is more like six inches. But it is supposed to warm up! Suppose it will be mud and the dog will be a slight! Good for you getting a tree up. We funeraled all day today, so nothing got done...we took Chance with us and walked him after the service and let him hang his head out the window at the cemetery. I will quit babbling now:)