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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Saturday Special.........

The fake cardinal on our fake wreath seems to look a little mean.  I remember one year when a male cardinal tried to attack this fake one telling it to leave his territory.

A real female cardinal was attacking the suet cake yesterday.  It was picking out things and throwing them on the ground and would stop to eat what she found that she liked to eat.

A hairy woodpecker was at the suet cake yesterday also.  He showed up only one time but maybe he came back when I wasn't looking.

Frequent visitors to the feeder are the downy woodpeckers. Some have the red markings on the head and others do not. I had run out on suet for a couple of days and the downy birds were upset about it. They kept coming and I kept looking for the one that I bought a week before then.  I did find the new one and they were on it like bees to flowers once I had put it out.  It is funny how they drop the prices on suet a whole twenty cents during the winter.

Button doesn't have much hearing anymore and his eyesight is limited to one eye.  It has made him more dependent than ever which is understandable.  When we were writing our Christmas cards he wanted to be involved.  I usually just sit him on the chair next to me and he just settles in for a nap.  He actually naps easier since he doesn't hear the things going on around him.  He would have nervous poodle behaviors and be jumping all around if he could hear us coming and going. He is such a sweetheart and we baby him all of the time now.

I officially have a collection started of nutcrackers now as my wife bought me a second one for Christmas.  Button is sitting close by to me here also.  The painting in the background is one of Duluth.  I did it many years ago.  We were at the harbor point and looking back to the hills behind the old part of Duluth.  I should try to photograph it and share it sometime but taking photos of glassed artworks is difficult.

We watched the first of the Star Wars movies on the dvd laying there on the arm of the loveseat. The first movie was made in 1977.  That was a long time ago and far, far away from now. It was interesting to revisit that movie and have the memory banks pull out things that I had seen years ago.

Our grandson and his parents didn't make it for Christmas.  All three of them have horrible colds.  We will hit next weekend or even the next weekend to see them.  I think last year we saw them on the fourth weekend after Christmas and that was just as fun as on Christmas day.

 I will look at this design of Winnie and be reminded of our grandson.  In many ways he is a lot like Winnie with his fun attitude and a smile always on his face.

Our weather doesn't promise to be too good in the next couple of days.  More large amounts of snow by Monday.  We are going out for a quick trip to the Wallymart to pick up essentials and will come home for another nice quiet day.  I hope all are well out there and thanks for stopping by today.


Mildred said...

We had a problem with male Cardinals attacking one window at the house we shared with mom. Every spring we could count on him trying to knock himself out! I love your bird pictures. Button is so sweet. I imagine he is not happy about the snow. I'm sorry about AJ/parents having a bad cold. I know you all will have a nice visit in a few weeks. He is a handsome little fellow. I hope WM won't be too crowded for you guys this a.m. We finally have sunshine here in GA. It is so warm, we have the windows open. The builder has started 3 new homes on our street and they were at it bright and early this a.m. The cats are keeping close watch on the building!

Patsy said...

Sorry they didn't get to come. It is 77 here not natural.

The Furry Gnome said...

We've got a Nutcracker collection, and our daughter is trying to start one. It's hard to find the quality that you used to be able to get.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Too bad your grand visit didn't happen. Hope some of the snow escapes you:)