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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday, Today.........

A feeding frenzy takes place everytime that I feed.  One of the reasons is that I don't feed them so often.  That is why they go crazy when they are fed.  I had been over feeding them and you can see the tank is clearing.  Algae eater is always on duty and I am keeping the green down with less extra food rotting in the water.

I shared earlier that the geranium liked the glass vase and it rooted quite quickly.  Now it has created new buds in the past week.

You already know that I will share the blooms when the start to open and after they are all opened.  I noticed that there is a small vase sitting to the left that may get its own stem of hardy geranium. It is like a science experiment that we would do in grade school, rooting carrot tops or sweet potato eyes.

A blurry little soldier hangs from the tree.  I can now say we have all the ornaments on all the trees.  The manger and all its extra are up with garland and angel lights.  I have one small tree that I managed to get the stand to work temporarily.  I am going to put it in the dining room window with lights on it.  No decorations will be added as if it falls over on me i won't lose any ornaments. I guess I could use my plastic ornaments on it. We will see.

I had plans not to work today but I ended up getting an associate job starting at 11:30.   I will get all the boxes cleared and all the other rubble put away that comes with decorating.  We have a few boxes with things in them that my wife and I both agree, we can leave them where they are in storage.  I will peak inside some of them to see if there is a "must be put up" thing in there, otherwise they won't be added this year. I hung three different wreaths the past two days and those are easy to deal with what nothing gets put on them.

I realize this morning why I am not keeping up with my photography.  When I get home from school the day is already dull and getting dark. Maybe I can catch a few things this morning while toting and stowing things.

I have new photos of the grandson but they are not   ready for showing.  It will happen soon as our baby is growing in to a sweet young man.  I am seeing the end of school work in these next few days and I will enjoy the time off.  It was a rough time at school these past days because of the loss of a student.  I don't know if the high school will ever really recover from it.  It certainly was not normal yesterday afternoon.  Combined with the loss and Christmas break coming the studens are a nervous mess.  I hope that things will be better for them.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I wish everyone well.  I know everyone is getting different kinds of weather today.  Ours will be same old thing with no moisture coming out of the sky but  dampness and cold. 

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