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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


My weather rock that sits on the railing says that it has snowed.  It is so covered with snow I am not sure where it is on the ledge. We again today are getting a very light snow.  Each time in early morning when I took Button outside, I would make tracks.  Each hour after that when I took him out again my tracks would be filled up and not there.  An old dog gets to go out until all of his businesses are done.  It takes maybe three times out to be completely done.  Then an old dog curls up into a ball and sleeps the whole morning on an afghan on the couch.

While checking on my neighbor's out this window I saw a shot with the camera.  The neighbor guy is back from their new Florida home and ended up in the hospital.  I think his wife is still in Florida with the dog.  The rumor mill says that he had unplanned heart surgery a few days ago.  That explains why his adult kids have been hanging around.

If you look carefully and closely you can see the red car backing out of the garage picking up the man. He must be going to have a doctor check up. The car is red and has Iowa State license plates.  It isn't the man's car as he is a die hard Iowa fan and would never be owning any car like that. This is the same neighbor's house that Barney and I discovered, while walking a couple of weeks ago at night, that had someone watching tv in the living room. There was not suppose to be anyone in the house.  If I get a chance I should just walk over when I know he is back home and get the truth of the whole story.

Snow outside and snow inside as the couple ride their carriage through the snow filled streets. The glow in the back is the light projected back from the light that is stuck inside the house.

The stray cats keep coming to the cat food feeder. One neighbor has had a cat have a second litter of kittens.  They are small eight week year old cats. Of course they are not tame.  One of the kittens look like it is a special breed as he is cream color all over with brown ears and a brown tails.  We had one like that many years ago and it was a Himalayan cat. I don't know the exact breed's name.

I will get photos of them some day on a lucky day, snapping a shot through the front door window.

I will be buying more birdseed today.  The juncos and sparrows love this cheap feeder.  I should pick up another one to hang on the other side of the window.  It is sold for less than 4 dollars at the Wallymart store.

Closing the post down today with the internet working up to its old self again.  We are going to be very cold in the nights for the next few nights.  It will be nice to get warmer than freezing but I guess that isn't going to happen now.

I hope everyone is doing okay out there and thanks for stopping today.


Patsy said...

Happy Wednesday!

Mildred said...

No snow here but lots and lots of rain. I know the birds are loving the seed you provide. Because we are home practically all of the time, we always know when something is out of the ordinary with our neighbors. One neighbor never tells anyone when he is going back to Canada but when we no longer hear the pounding of his boys' music, we know they are GONE!!! lol

The Furry Gnome said...

Your weather rock looks really accurte! And you have a lot more snow than we do.

KathyB. said...

You are the kind of neighbor many people need. Neighborhood watch is a good thing , especially when the neighbors are aged and might easily fall victim to intruders. Plus, vacated or abandoned homes should also be watched. I hope all is well for your neighbor and he appreciates your concern.

Snow, I am wishing for snow here. At least for a few days !

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lots of happenings in your neighborhood! You will have to venture out to get the real scoop and take those new neighbors a pie or something:)