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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, December 4, 2015

Fries to eat would be nice.......on Friday.

If you don't use your teacher voice once in a while it seems to be all chaos will happen.  I am at a first year teachers desk today and I had to snap this view.  First year teachers really don't learn how to use their teachers voice for the first whole year.  The second year teacher seems to get a handle on it.

The view I will see all day will be this. It is a windowless classroom with small glass windows along the side of the door.  The new building added 7 new rooms that have no windows.  It is not a good thing.  I like to prop the door open so I can feel like there is a way out of the room visually.  The fire inspectors of course don't want the doors to be propped open.  Geometry and Calculus are a couple of the things on the agenda today.  My one free period is going to be spent in the middle school math room as that teacher is taking off for a while and will be back.

The librarian that manages three different libraries in our district dropped off this skinny white tree.  I made German bells out of paper and added some bulk to the look of the tree. I later put blue ribbons on each bell but I don't have a photo to share. It sort of drove me bonkers as I had to keep making until it had the just right amount of ornaments.

The decorating has sort of come to a halt.  I am going to use my wife's teddy bear tree to replace my glass blown ornament tree.  I did get that tree in position and the lights are already well arranged.  Maybe tonight we can start on it.  I usually use two trees for those ornaments but will use the one larger tree this time. My wife will still have a teddy bear tree on my smaller fake tree. It will be place so that a lot of bears can be place around  it  on the book shelf on which the tree will be standing. We will make it work.  Pictures will follow once the work is done.

The Andrew student from school that you are praying for is doing better.  His heart is beating on its own now.  He had a rough night while adjusting and coming down off all the things that had connected to him.  Please continue to pray for him.  I am feeling better about his situation now.  My common cold seems like a stupid thing to complain about now and I will live life happier with Drew on the mend.

The weekend is coming.  We had plans and they were changed. It will be a good change as we know how to fill in on free time.  We live like a yoyo but we do keep up the energy as best that we can.  It is Friday and as a teacher it is a different day than the rest of the week.  Kids are feeling the freedom coming and teachers are feeling a few days of rest coming along.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope all is well with all my blogger friends.

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Patsy said...

I know you are glad it's Friday but for us the weeks go so fast.
I think the time is moving faster! (when you retire.)