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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursdays Thoughts and Things......

My wife's rabbit gets brought out at Christmas to go with our teddy bear tree. A person use to get us both gifts at Christmas and I received the boy version on this stuffed one.  I thought she had a Thursday attitude so I share her first.

There is not work today as the school is closed down for a funeral of a 16 year old boy.  Friday will probably be tough for the kids but they maybe will try to find some normal things going on by next week. 

I had to be off today anyway as I took my wife to have tests taken.  Tomorrow will be the doctor visit.  We are home already and I will have time to do chores that are standing in line waiting for me to get them done. I will work on the porch this afternoon as it is warming up to almost 60 F. today.  The wind is wild but it still will be my last good day to get that job closer to being done. The goal will be to hang onto the ladder and not get blown off of it.  I am thinking it may blow away when I am not on it.  I will just be cautious about everything.   I do have the furniture moved in the living room out of the bay window. 

Maybe this evening I can get the tree up and the lights on it.  It is one that requires each branch be placed in a certain spot as the tree builds up to the top.

I did get the one train out to go under the glass ornament tree.  I will have to rearrange it when we find the skirt for the tree.  I don't know if the smaller scale trains will make it out this year.  It has been a different fall this year and we seem to be getting things done a lot slower than usual.  It didn't help to have two of our trees to have a tree stand malfunction.  I won't toss them but maybe by next year I can figure out how to make a stand for them.

In real life I don't think the caboose of trains were not maintained that much.  The old ones now that are out for display are all painted up nicely.  One in Perry, Iowa is a great yellow caboose.  The tanker in view here is one that was in my older brother's Lionel train set.  The engine of that set may be with one of those two brothers but this is the lone surviving car from that set.

Another shot of one of the school trees is this one of the clear ball ornament.  Most of the clear ones had names painted on them but this one looks name free.

I wish everyone to be well today.  I appreciate your stopping in today.  Thanks.


Mildred said...

The rabbits are very sweet.
Best wishes making progress on your porch project. Stay safe.
I will be praying for your wife's appt. tomorrow.
You two have a nice evening.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Love seeing someones elses trains:)
I hope Della's appointments go well:)