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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, June 27, 2016

Checking in on Monday.......

A single bloom that is open on this small daylily seems to be crowded by its own leaves  The two tonesof colors on the flower adds to its uniqueness.

I normally work for the single shot of a close view of a perfect bloom.  I need to remember to take shots like this when the plant really is blooming throughout the foliage.  This is the daylily that I snuck in on the edge of a ditch lily bed.  It seems to hold its own and doesn't let the field lily crowd it out of the area.

A grouping of three gives me a nice photo. I bought this daylily at a lily show one time at the nearby arboretum. It was call "take a chance'  bargain as they had it potted but didn't remember the color or name of it. They had a lot of those they potted up during a non blooming time of the year. I do think that I have two of these as I did see it in bloom and bought it by choice.  It is planted in another part of my property in another flower garden.

The hosta is not in full bloom yet even though it is loaded with blooming parts.  There are a lot of flowers not opened yet at the top of those spires.

It is the start of another week.  We have cooler temperatures promised that will be closer to normal summer weather. I have continue work in the garden getting eventually all of the sucker trees and weeds out of the gardens.  I am not looking at the lawn yet as I think it has been too hot for the grass to grow.

The little guy is an addition to my wife's precious moment collection.  She does not have an extensive collection.  I think their may be 5 in total now.  We were given the wedding couple when we were married and a few others were gifts later on.  They are still selling them in stores and this one caught my eye for a gift the other day.

Have a good Monday and everyone take care.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Cooler here today, so I hope you are cooler too! Your lilies are beautiful! :)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Such a pretty color of Day lily, I do love seeing them in bloom.
Precious Moments figurines are still very popular, and always make me smile.
A lovely addition.
Have a wonderful week Larry !

Patsy said...

Hoping your day has gone well!