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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday's Just Shots.

The same old story with this rose.  The label said it was a better rose than I had thought.  It must have mislabeled as it survives the winter without any attention from me.

It pops right up and puts out a coupe of buds and they then bloom.

I have to clip it back as soon as possible so buds can reform during the summer season.  I don't know if this is what is called rose pink but it isn't red and it isn't pastel pink.  It seems healthy leafwise and I hope it stays that way.

I was out this morning next to this flower finishing up some of my porch addition work.  I worked on it during early winter and really never got the roof part shingle.  I was tired of thinking about getting it done.  I went out at 72 degree F. temperatures and got to work.  It took about an hour and a half of time and it was very hot before I finished.  I ended up working on the roof with the sun in my face.  At the end of the project it did become partly cloudy but by then I was getting overheated.  I am glad it is done and that I am back inside cooling down.  I need to take the ladder back to the shed and put some things away later but for now, no more shingles to do.

I took a shot of my graniteware pan that is planted with moss rose. The old pan is pretty well shot now and I did go ahead and put drain holes in the bottom of it. It is a recycled item from the farm found out in the woods somewhere. It looks like it had a horse step on it which means it was being used for a quick watering pan for a horse or horses.  You would have had to keep pouring into it as a horse drinks a large volume of water.

So this morning the plants were showing more blooms as they had been in a rain shower last night. I actually open the umbrella on the patio table up just for them to keep them from getting that full hot sunshine.

The oxalis  spent the winter in the living room to protect it.  So when I took it outside it just complete died back as if it were in shock.  Water and nurturing with fertilizer is bringing it back to life.

I am still working on the senior class group composite right now.  I am in better shape this time of the year compare to last year.  I was waiting last year for the baseball coach to return to the US from South America.  He had all the photos.  This year, I have them all and things are working better. There is a lot of computer work with the composite as the photos are from so many sources.  The submit profession photos, iphone photos, and some are taken by their own camera.  They come in with so many different shapes and sizes.  Some are giving special treatment to turn them all yellowish or they are made to be pale.  I photoshop them all back to a common quality if it is possible.  Sometime I have to use a bad picture and grin and bear it.

This is my very first bloom from a daylily.  I have had the maroon red Asiatic lily bloom first.  I have a yellow one that I will share tomorrow that is also an Asiatic lily.

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Patsy said...

I like the rose very pretty!
It is very hot and humid here, we keep getting pop up showers.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Cool here, I am glad you are safely off the roof:)