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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lots of Shots........

Morning skies really can't predict the rest of the day. We are now clouded over with no promise more than just sprinkles. It was cold this morning helping to cool down the inside of our house. It has been warm and the house seems to hold its heat in the summer.

The very last blooms on my William Baffin rose are stark looking compared to all the other spent blooms and rose hips that cover the bush. I have yet to get all of the climbing vines attached to the garden shed, but it can happen this summer as the area is cleared of weeds and access will be easy to do the job.

I have some one armed bandit shots today to share.  Our small dog is almost totally blind now and we both carry him around a lot just because we want to. He has always liked being outside so being out there make him a happy dog.  I had a camera on me and a dog under my right arm and we went to take evening shots. Holding a camera with one hand and pushing the shutter can be done.  The editing later can help with composition problems.

I see wrens in the apple tree and the calls of the wren are frequent from the orchard area.  I have not seen a wren enter or leave the house this summer.  Maybe the young ones are not hatched yet so when that happens the activity really increases. There are morning glory vines starting at the bottom of the trellis. I have to water them almost every day now.

It was said that we are having a very dry spell for this month compared to normal.  Our inch rain last week didn't make up any deficits at thsi point.

Finding new ways to take shots of the same old thing each day can be a challenge. This one armed shot helps to display the three directions that the blooms are facing. This is my fancy ruffled lily.  I have only one of them in my set of lily plants.

I did some serious clearing of plants around my hostas yesterday.  In my excitement to show the hosta that I rescued  form weeds and phlox I see that I have a left foot in the picture. I have so many hostas thar treally need to be thinned out by dividing and replanting them elsewhere.  With two of my large tree removed  need to plant more along the exposed to sunlight border next to the dog's fence.  I see hostas being moved into that area for a good solution.

A sloppy shot of the stargazer lily. I will blame Button the dog on this one.  You can see the stem and leaves are totally different than most Asiatic lilies and is nothing like a daylily variety. The fragrance from a stargazer is strong and good. It can be smelled from many parts of the garden.

Those who normally follow my blogs know that this is the time of the year when I have a lot of photos, more than I can share. I just load a few more on each day on the two blogs  and some good shots just get to stay buried in the files. It is damp and cold outside right now but it will warm up by the end of the day.  I hope Wednesday is a good day for you and thanks for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

We are having some very warm days, hard to believe
July will be here Friday.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We are cooler here too and I like it! Good of you to carry Button around the yard, his nose must enjoy all the different smells. We had a dog that was nearly blind, the pack (Other 3) helped her find her way to me, and she always laid out of the was sad to see. I still miss her. It is hard when they get old and blind:(

Mildred said...

I remember fondly the sweet scent of the star gazer lily. You have a lovely collection of hosta, too. I know it is hard to watch a pet grow old. We still miss Harriet very much.