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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Friday is Coming..........

All hardy geraniums are my favorite but this one has the best leaf colors.  I kept it in the bird room over the winter and it is ready to take off now that it is outside.  I took all the rest of my geraniums to the basement and only a few of them survived.  I had too many as they were controlling me and now I am down to this plant and two long planters with starts from all the old ones.  The cool weather hasn't hurt them but they do like a lot of hot sun.

I planted this rose many years ago.  I am thinking over 30 years ago.  It is still alive and it only bloomed its very first years.  Every spring it would come up and leaf out but no blooms.  This year is going to bloom.  This year I will move it to a better spot. I know that it is a "red blaze" rose which was such a popular rose when I first started teaching.  I will let it bloom out and then it will feel my blade of the spade at its base as I move it to a better location.

More dianthus photos.  They seem to have been planted in areas where all this foliage was not growing.  Now they look quite crowded. I am getting to some of those weeds as time goes by.  I hit a lot of weeds while out working yesterday.

I tended to some of my tomato plants and relplaced the damaged one with better plants that I still have left over.  I can tell that the rains and the heat are starting to make them root in and grow new sprouted green leaves at their top sections.  I know that it would be quicker to have bought greenhouse starts of tomatoes but mine will grow big and I will have tomatoes.

We have water puddles everywhere.  It is really muddy in the thin areas in the yard.  Some people are wanting more rain and I hope some of these fronts will move there way.  It rained so hard the other day that the famous ditch was washed clean of all of its debris.  I assume the neighbor now has it .

A lot of the rains come in the night and I don't hear them.  I get up and go out to see all the peonies laying down on the ground.  I know that we have had heavy rain because of it.  So as I said I would do, I brought in some for a bouquet.

I like how you can cut partially opened peonies and by the next day the bouquet is filled in tight. There is also a great smell that comes from them.  The fragrance really isn't as strong as some flowers but you can get close to the table and it smells like spring.

That whitish peony is a very old variety. I remember that being one you would see at the cemeteries with its large round outside petals and a pom pom of flower in the center.  The low light picked up a pink color on it and the higher light shows the center to be more yellowish.

The white iris that I rescued from the road crew really is a strong bloomer.  I can count now that I broke up the originally tromped down iris and divided it into four divisions.  Every one of those divisions bloom after the move.

When I am now home full time I feel like everyday is Saturday.  I feel guilt if I don't get lots done on one day but I will have another day tomorrow.  I am working at getting the patio cleaned up and looking better than it is now.  I am cutting down on pots of flowers this year and yet I still have a good number out there.  I still need to plant the morning glories and sunflowers and today may be just the day.  It is a cooler day today and we don't mind.  No rain is in the forecast but that means nothing.  We had thunder and lighting late afternoon for about ten minutes.  We have a good moisture amount everywhere.   Thank you for stopping by today.


Mildred said...

The red blaze rose sure is a wonderful color. I have good luck with Bayer Rose Fertilizer and Insect Control granules. As for the geraniums, I remember my sister always having good luck with them.
The bouquet of peonies and your photos are so pretty and I can imagine the sweet fragrance. You've heard me mention elderly friend, Lillie Mae. She was our neighbor and the cemetery was in sight of both our houses. One day she looked out and someone was digging up and stealing the vintage white peony she had on her parents grave. She yelled at them but they got away. I really do enjoy your pinks and I'm so happy the white irises are doing well after the move.
You two take care and don't do too much in one day. There are some days when John and I just don't feel well and we allow ourselves a day of "do nothing!!!"

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your peonies are beautiful! :)