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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts and Things...........

Going outside with the dog I didn't think there would be a view to photograph.  I grab the phone just to check my mail while outside but I did see that the cloudy scene was a good one. Instead of checking my mail I took a few shots of this early morning sky filled with clouds.

Yesterday I shot this view of the creeping bluebells.  It is doing well at the back of the house and has a lot of blooms showing.  My batch of this plant at the front of the house is just now budding. That batch sits in the shade of a couple of different trees and just blooms later.

I remind people not to be envious of this plant.  It is a very old timer of a plant and it very invasive.  I live with it and love it but if I ever moved to a different more modern house I sure would not take it with me. It fits well with the foundations of an old 1900's house. The word creeping is the clue for roots spreading everywhere.  This plant was already at the south of the house when I moved her 40 years ago.

This is another shot of the roses on this severely effected bush.  It won't kill the bush but it won't look good the rest of the summer without leaves.  I will try to take shots of the rose where the foliage on it is very healthy. The old fashioned rose is always good to have in the garden.  It is the only kind of rose that was around when I grew up on the farm.

Living on the prairie, I can see a lot of plants that were brought in by settlers.  Some of these rose had to be brought to Iowa as the wild rose is a completely different kind of rose. Plants being shared from families to families was the only way to have flowers in the early years of Iowa. That foundation plant I shared earlier was probably carried here and there in towns and country by the simple pulling it from the ground and moving it to a new location.  Shared iris and peonies would move across a population quickly as one didn't have any other way of having flowers. A lot of us have ancestors that started out east and they moved west as land was made available for ownership.  I have family from the past that came from Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  They surely brought plants and trees with them.

Can you see my stock tank that I use for a fish pond hiding in the greenery? I did want the plants to spread but I think I have things out of control.  The paths going through these plantings almost do not exist.  I need to clear phlox and bee balm and reclaim two of my paths. I do hate to take out live healthy plants though.  That attitude is probably why I am so over grown.

I was just outside at 9:00 in the morning and we have warmed up to 81 degrees F. already.  We will hit 90 degrees by this afternoon.  The heavy humidity will be coming in with that too. It seems already uncomfortable with no wind.  The breezes yesterday did make the outside air more tolerable. I have some yard to mow and I will do that soon.  Full summer weather is happening now and I guess we will just have to be ready for it.

Thank you for stopping in today.


Mildred said...

That is a pretty early a.m. sky. Button awakens you early and Trixie wakes me wanting to be fed. Sometimes I can go back to sleep; most days I just stay up.
The creeping plant is pretty but I know what you mean about it being invasive. We had Evening primrose that covered everything and crowded out a lot of plants. I was glad to leave it behind when we moved.
That pink rose must smell heavenly. The other day we were riding thru the county and 4 or 5 little secluded homes all had pretty blue hydrangeas. We decided one person must have shared with everyone else!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Better watch out Button could get lost in the jungle! :)