Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, June 6, 2016

Starting a New Week......

When I bought the house 40 years ago and the shrubs all around the house had been dug out and destroyed before I owned it.  One and only plant to still be growing is this rose.  It was on the north side of the kitchen and seemed to be a very large set of two bushes.  I was too young to really be impressed with old roses. As time went on I allowed the rose to migrate the west side of the kitchen.

It was a good thing as I ended up adding on the art gallery/studio on the north side of the kitchen on top of the two bushes.  Through the years the rose has moved to the entire west side of the kitchen.  It is a tough rose and it keeps coming back.  During drought it dies back but keeps on going.  During rainy seasons it turns all yellow and the leaves fall off but it keep on going.  Right now I have good growth of it next to the porch on the west side and I have failing roses on the rest of the west side of the kitche because it has had too much rain. 

The sun filtered in the bay window when I took this shot. These are the only seeds that I bought this year.  My tomato seed was all leftover seed.   I did find some collected seed from my last years zinnias.  I won't buy any more of them but will use the collected seed. 

All these seeds have had some partial planting.  I did use up all the prurple zinnia seed. I was surprised to see this morning that the morning glories have started to sprout.  I have some in a planter that I will move over to the trellis once they get established.

I have blogger friends that have these blooming already.  There are people in town who also have these blooming.  I guess it depends on the location they are planted as to how soon they will open up.  I have a lot of lilies out in the garden at different stages in budding. You will see these first when the first one opens.

A simple frame job that I did last week.  The drawing was an odd size and I fitted it into an older frame.  The artists is in jail and did this for a friend of his.  I like how the portrait looks like it is peeking around the corner.

I will finish off today with the sharing of this coffee gift.  The woman that I worked with at school talked about how she loved this coffee that had been given to her.  She complained that she could not find anywhere to buy it.  At TJ Max she discovered it on half price sale and bought some for me to try. The cup of Joe that I had yesterday really was good.  I think ground special coffee just tastes better as the work at roasting it better.  I like the simple name of it but probably won't go to buy it unless it shows up in stores in which I already visit.

Monday things to do are many.  What I actually get done will be just what I should get done.  I am learning to pace myself and not stress over the jobs, just scatter them out and do them.  The tomatoes are calling out to me to be fertilized and I may fertilize other plants too. The cold nights are not really making things grow well.  I have some yard to mow today and anything else I start will be a bonus for accomplishments.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Mildred said...

How fortunate you are to have this old rose still growing. It's a lovely color. I am envious of your ability to grow from seeds!!! I am jinxed with seeds! The coffee is new to me but oh, how John and I love a good cup of coffee. We laugh that we have had to give up everything else good BUT coffee! You did a great job on the framing the art.

Patsy said...

Things are really popping at your place, so much work so little time.
Looking forward to seeing your morning glory's.