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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Second Day of the Week.......

The Monday afternoon sky was partly cloudy.  It was hot out there but not as bad with a little less humidity in the air. It was a day of witnessing so many new lilies blooming for the first time.

This red lily opened in the morning with two blooms. One on each stalk. It is a beautiful red and the time of day makes the color change when I photograph it. It is a healthy lily this year as I don't normally get so many buds and blooms on two stalks from the plant.

This lily took the whole day to unfurl.  The petals on it are really thick as I was trying to help it out a little to open for the photo and it was not going to budge. It is a newer lily for me in the last few years.  I didn't remember exactly what color that it was as the buds all looked white like a regale lily.

This is what it developed into after it took the whole day to uncurl each petal.  I will take more new pictures this morning to see how things have changed with it over night.  The color is hard to identify as it first looked like a butterscotch candy color.

This lily is of the stargazer variety.  I had thought there were only certain colors of it but this one is looking like this.  If you could smell the fragrance you would right away know that it is a stargazer.  I am not certain by sinuses like this flower.  I do have the other color of stargazer that I thought was the one and only true stargazer color.  It isn't opened up yet.

In the not so glamorous arena is the planter that is placed at my new porch area.  It has geraniums in it but also has some morning glories growing in it. Two of the glories are already mature plants from another planter and I have plant  more seed in this one. Everything looks pretty weathered right now but it will come around. If the racoon chooses to climb the trellis, who I did see last night in the yard, there will still be room for it to climb.  I do think that one night I scared it and it chose to go up it rather than to run.  He doesn't know that I don't run so fast.

A hosta that I have been nurturing for two years has now become a wonderful specimen.  It has different markings on the leaves than any other hosta that I have.  Our good growing season has most of my hostas shooting up tall stems.  The bright sun makes the plant look more yellow than it really is. In dry weather hostas just doen't grow this well.

This is a swallowtail that posed for me yesterday morning. The shadow of its one wing makes it into a lesser than good photo.  I haven't had swallowtails for two years so I was so glad to see it out there.  It was warming its wings on a bush.  I have better photos to share on my Photo a Day blog on another day. The bright sun really messes with the color.  I don't think I have ever had this particular color of one in the garden before now.  I hope there will be many more.

I am knee deep with projects right now and not one is close to being finished.  I have two frame jobs going on at the same time and I hope that Friday will be a day of celebration.  My goal is to get them both done and out of the house then.  The crochet one that I have shared in the past is almost all mounted on its backing and a frame needs to be made and stained.  The senior class composite has all of its pictures printed out, thanks to my wonderful wife, so I can start working on that too.  I think I will go outside and work in the yard first as we are cold this morning.  I refuse to wear a coat even though it is in the 60s right now. I hear the roar of my neighbor's mower and think that it is hanging over my head to mow but that will be another day.

Thank you for all who have stopped by today,  I hope things are good with you all.


Red said...

I've learned some things about lilies in the last few posts.

Mildred said...

There is always plenty to do with a house and yard. Best wishes with the frame jobs.
We are seeing both butterflies and hummingbirds now!