Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Saturday Special..........

The frog sculpture has been placed in the light this year.  He spent last summer peaking out of lots of vegetation as if he were in a rain forest.

A young squirrel appreciates the free corn.  It had been chewing on the wood of the feeder that is attached to the tree nearby.  I thought he was making a statement about his living conditions in the wild where no food is being dispensed.  The rabbit likes it when corn is dropped to the ground. The blue jays like the corn that is crushed up a little as they like to eat it that way.  I don't think they are able to break open corn kernels.

The one moss rose packet has been planted into the traditional container that I use. The plants need to root in better and then you will see many shots of the flowers and the blue enamel pan. The plant itself is an interesting one with its characteristic foliage that seems to be one of a kind.

While I was out shooting photos of the neighbors sycamore trees I looked down and saw this hosta. Ir really has grown large decorating the entrance through the one blue gate. I had to crop out my white shoe at the bottom of the photo as I took a really quick shot. I want to thin some of my hostas this summer and share with the neighbor who really isn't able to plant flowers any more.  Her one flower bed is so under planted and needs some more plants.

I used this photo on my facebook header a few days ago.  It is a lazy man's photo as I didn't take the time to deadhead all the spent flowers.  It makes things look more natural and it isn't a pristine view.

Looking out into the orchard area one lone cemetery iris is still in bloom.  If I were to retake the photo today the iris would be gone, but two more on the stem are now opened.  I did a lot of shrub trimming yesterday and now can walk out and about around those flower beds without getting hit in the face with branches.  The yew and two burning bush shrubs have become overgrown.  I will spend the summer selectively taking away parts of them to shrink their size.  They really are taking up a lot of space out there.

I have more small jobs to do as I get the outside in shape for the summer.  My tomato plants out by the shed are having birds pulling off the leaves. I have watched robins do that.  I keep replanting and am waiting for them to take off and grow.  The excess rain and cold nights have cause everyone's gardens to be at a standstill. I have a couple of spots to mow  this morning as soon as the grass dries. More rain fell last night but it was not measurable  Just made everything to be wet.

I am back to walking Barney again as his back legs seemed to become stronger again.  They are not back to normal but he takes me farther down the sidewalk each time to visit all his favorites spots down the street.  Barney was getting so that he would refuse to go outside in the evening.  It was a problem and then we both realized he wanted to go walking on the leash instead of just going into the back yard.

It looks like it will be a good day weather wise for all of the day.  A threat of more rain in the night again is getting to be routine.  I wish everyone a great weekend.


The Furry Gnome said...

I like that frog sculpture.

Mildred said...

Mr. Frog looks happy! I love moss rose. I have a blog friend in FL who always has big pots of moss rose. I always enjoy the views of your yard and hearing about your different plants. Our hostas are not growing as fast as we would like. I hope to be able to divide them next spring. We had rain off and on today, which was badly needed. It has been so hot this week, that even John has not wanted to be outdoors. I wish you all a good evening. Glad that Barney is walking a little further now.

Patsy said...

Glad Barney has you out walking again.
There are lots of Sculptures around here
will have to do a post on them.
Rest well today!

Dan the Mountain Man said...

The frog looks cute. Moving him around each year sounds like a good idea to me.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear about Barney walking better. We started Chance on a new product Grizzly Joint Aid, we will see what happens:)