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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I refused to share this photo until I remembered its name. The plant blooms like a wild flower and maybe is a wildflower but its bloom time is short.  The foliage dies down pretty quickly once it is bloomed out. The bad thing I really don't like about it is that it can get trampled by a dog and ie does not spring back.  Its stems and foliage are flimsy.

We keep getting rains, small ones, that are helping to destroy the look of the peonies. My old fashioned non-red peonies are all spent now and laying on the ground.  The red ones seem a lot more sturdy.  I decided this morning that I will cut bouquets for inside the house as it seems hopeless to expect them to look good anymore.

This peony from my wife's farm home is a different variety than I have had in my collection. The layer of ruffle edging is on the outside of the center petals. There is still a center of small petals.  It is not red but yet not a pink either.

While out staking the new iris up from its fall to the ground, I noticed this lily is about ready to show its color.  I don't usually photograph all the progress of a lily but this one will surprise me with what its color is and also the shape of the flowers.

I keep sharing the shots of the peonies.  I had to take my camera down to the ground and shoot up to get this photo.

I bought morning glory seed yesterday and some more sunflower seeds. I like the large ones and will figure out a new place to plant them this year.  I bought my moss rose starts to put in my enamel pan that sits on the patio table.

With all the tomatoes that I started by seed I still needed to buy one cherry tomato plant.  I did so yesterday and I am debating whether to put it in a large planter or in the ground. I suspect it would do a lot better in the ground.

A project for me today is to make a woven fence wire cover for my outside tank/pond.  I want the goldfish outside for the summer and to move the birds back into the window so they can watch things going on outside. I saw our resident raccoon last night while I was taking button to the back yard.  It had climbed the porch post and crawled up on the roof of the house.  I know the racoon can jump right into the water to get the fish if it wants to.  I suppose I will always have one of those animals around until the last big silver maple is taken down.  I think the racoon likes to crawl up onto the roof and then climbs into the pine tree nearby.  I will have to cut more branches away from the roof of the house to stop that bugger from being up there.

I moved the garden bench to a new location a few days ago.  I guess it is like rearranging the living room furniture.  I just wanted a change. I can't grow much there in the shade so it seems to be a good place.  My permanent bike display needed some company.  As I share photos I keep seeing grasses that have yet to be cleared.  It is early in the garden season so I will get to some of that along the journey.  Thanks for stopping by today.  I know there are a lot of you that pass by daily and I am grateful for your visit.


Patsy said...

You will have to go back to school to get some rest, busy as a bee around your house.
I never tire of looking at your flowers.

Mildred said...

Good Morning, I love the tour around your yard. That bench with the bike in the background is so nice. I remember having spiderwort many years ago. We had some circular supports that helped to support the flimsy leaves/blooms. I love the color and I think once we had white too. I am amazed at your peonies. I like the uniqueness of the one from your wife's farm. Raccoons scare me and I hope you can get rid of this one and protect the fish. I know the birds will enjoy their summer time window! God bless your day. Hi to Della and the doggies.

Mildred said...

You just commented that you were going to purchase some GA the peach orchard, they tell us to keep the peaches that need to ripen in a brown paper bag, folded loosely. It seems to help!

Mildred said...

it's me, again!
I thought I would pass along a blog that you might really enjoy - Tom The Back Roads Traveller. Here is the link