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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday's a Done Deal.......

My weather rock sits out there not having much to report. It did get sprinkled on yesterday but at most time is follows the sun.  The sun is in the afternoon sky by how the shadow is looking on the railing.

It is the same lily from yesterday.  The blooms seem to be opening slowly so the show of color may last a long time.

Yes it is a bluejay in bright light but it isn't a good shot.  I have a couple of the birds out there.  They must have a nest nearby as they are spending a lot of time picking bugs off the bushes and ground.  I have seen them on the feeder to to pick small seeds. It is an interesting shot as I had to zoom in to even get its photo from where I was sitting on the patio. The zoom helped get a good resemblance of the bird but that tree on the right sits way across the street.  It pulls everything in to a flat plane.


I received some footprints from my grandsons on Father's Day.  It shows the comparison of size of a two month old with a three year three month old.  AJ looks like he has big feet but the print is on an 8 by 10 sheet of paper. AJ is sure growing up on us quickly.  The younger guy Teddy is making such a big change in his appearance as he grows out of that new born face.

The ditch lilies are doing well but are not all out in bloom yet.  I did notice that this variety also closes up its petals at night just like the daylilies.

Blogger would not cooperate with me this morning as I tried to download photos.  I decided to just go on out and work and come back later to blog.  I cut out more stray weeds and small tree starts that were in the flower garden.  I planted three last tomato plants in the ground.  They were still in their little pots growing with the aquarium fish.  They are planted too late but I though I did give them a chance to live and let nature take them out instead of me tossing them.

I like these old lilac bushes with the shapes of their tall twisted limbs.  It is white lilac that I planted there probably 30 plus years ago.  As I walked around through them today I cam to the conclusion that they need to come down.  They are leaning over into the neighbors yard and I think they need to go.  I will get my chain saw going and maybe take a few branches out at a time.  I don't know what I will do with the wood when I get done but I will have to find a truck to take them away.  I do have starts at the base of the two bushes so I can still see them blooming again closer to the ground.

We are a lot cooler today than yesterday.  It will still be warm but ten degrees lest than yesterday. The windsock doesn't seem to be moving as there is next to no wind today. I had originally a neat windsock that was decorated with a koi fish design on it.  It was such a great piece but the material did not weather well.  I bought this to make my loss seem less.  It is made out of good material but it just isn't the same as my koi sock.

Thank you for stopping by today.

I am playing with different choices of templates for my blog.  I am glad blogger fixed the header problem that I was having. 

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A Brit in Tennessee said...

I love your lilies, ours have bloomed and gone :)
I only wish they would hang around a little longer...
What a sweet gesture of your grandsons, that picture made me smile.
Blue Jays live in our garden too, they are such a noisy bird, but beautiful plumage.
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us Larry !