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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday's Things........

Early morning sky kept changing by the minute.  I took many shots and this one had the most pink showing in the sky and clouds. The clouds are leftovers from whatever weather that was going on south of  us.

As you can see by this photo it was more blue for a while before the sun changed it to more pink.  I tried to crop off most of the bottom of the photo as it was not the Grand Teton mountains that I had in front of my sky.  I really never know what to expect when I go out with the dog in early morning but this is good.  Yesterday there were clouds and no colors.

I am jumping from pink to green here with this top view of one of my tomato plants. They are loving the warm humid nights.  They seem to be growing quickly now. My store bought cherry tomato plant has blooms on it already.  It was of course larger from living in the green house before I bought it.  The ones that I started will catch up to it though with the weather like we are having right now.

Switching to violet is a good thing. The creeping blue bells are doing well agin this year. When they stop blooming the dry up quickly and become not a great foiliage plant to see.  I guess it acts more like a weed in the aspect that most desirable plants that we like to put into our gardens.

I have some other lilies right near to this group that are just about to be open. You can see the stem sticking up out of the bunches of blooming ones.

My hostas are so healthy but I can see they are all becoming a problem. The raining in early spring made them large and they are crowding out their neighbors.  I should do a major dig some of these and move some to new  area.  I see my neighbor lady could use some in her flower bed.

I did get my first round of picking of the red raspberries.  We cleaned them and added sugar to them to make a great ice cream topping.  They are always good tasting and it is a treat to get them this year. Our last years crop just didn't happen because of dry weather during the wrong time of the year. The whole patch died back and it had to restart for this year. I have a lot of new stems which will be next years crop bearers.

I am have difficulty with this blog.  The header and all the other stuff has disappeared.  I messed with it until I became angry.  So I clicked their little sign that says Complain To Blogger. We will see if it comes back.  I think I tried to download a photo that was too large. Normally it just says the photo is too large. I guess that is just the way things go.  Barney was outside this morning with me and cooling his belly on the concrete patio.  He normally looks away but I think his eyesight is less so he couldn't see that I had a camera pointed at him.  It seems like a cooler day today so I should get some outside work done today. I wish you all a good day.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your header is still gone. Barney is looking good!! We are cool here, I like cool:)

Mildred said...

Good Evening, Such pretty sky pics with the trees in silhouette. Sorry about the blogger problems - truly very frustrating. Barney looks so handsome! The blue bells are very pretty. We have clouds tonight and we are hoping for rain!
I adore the new photo of Teddy. He is growing/changing already!

Vicki Lane said...

Wonderful skies! And those creeping bluebells are beautiful!