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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday Show Offs..........

I am out early in the morning and I discovered that this particular daylily closes up at night.  By the time the sun is up they are all back opened showing off their colors.

Ditch lily and daylily looks a lot alike but the blades of green on the ditchlily are wider.  I have a daylily planted on the edge of the patio next to some ditch lilies.  I wonder if you can see which one is which.  When it blooms you will see the difference.  One hint is that the ditchlily puts out a tall stem for its flowers.

When I do a search for a spelling of daylily, the two words are combined. When I type it, blogger things it is misspelled. That drives me insane on some days as when I think I have the correct spelling, blogger just does not know the word.  It isn't in the memory banks.

There will be photos of hollyhocks this summer.  I don't have many of them but the ones that I do have are tall and stout with many buds on them. The ones that I had out on the corner didn't get rescued.  I don't think that I even tried to move them.  They were smashed down.

The ditch saga continues.  I was informed through the neighbor grape vine that they will be reworking out ditch one more time. None of us have mowed or tried to maintain any of it other than take down the edges.  A neighbor asked the mayor about the possibility of the city workers coming in and do the work.  The mayor said to stay out of the ditch that they didn't want anyone to get hurt  working in it.

So the mayor says the plan has changed one more time and they are going to contract a company to come in and put a concrete pipe at the bottom of it and bring back all our dirt.   I am skeptical but will wait and see.  I do know that others in town have had that system where there are inlets for the water to enter and the water flows through the pipes.  It has been that way for years.   So maybe I will have new pictures sometime to show my ditch going away.  I won't be holding my breath until it happens as I don't look so good being blue faced.

There is contact now between the morning glory and the fence.  I looked at it this morning and they are going to climb the fence with gusto.

I mowed the yard this morning before I started blogging.  It was a cool 70 degrees F. when I started and it did warm up quickly after an hour of work.

I still have lots of sucker trees that need to be trimmed out of everywhere.  That will be on another day.  I refuse to let them bother me.

My tomatoes that I started from seed in March are now looking like this.  They are planted along the pet fence, opposite side of the pen.  They have grown with leaps and bounds with all the warm weather.  I try to water them most every day.  There are 12 plants along that side of the fence.  I am going to call it the neighborhood patch and as people to just come and help themselves.  There are two different families that could use them.  I have another eight or more of tomatoes planted out by the garden shed. I couldn't kill off the hand grown started plants.

It is to be another warm day today.  I discovered that I needed to do the cooling vents of my air conditioner a very thorough cleaning. Even with a vent filter, the metal plates get coated with dust.  It keeps the air from flowing through those fins and thus slows down all cooling.   Once the fins were washed out and brushed out the air blew through the conditioner as if it were new.

No plans for today but picking up odd chores to do and maybe rest.  It will reach a point where I won't want to go outside and I can leave that off of my list of things to do.  I hope all are doing well this weekend and thanks for checking in on my blog today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

The city need to get their act together with their ditches...what a mess:( Stay cool!

Patsy said...

Your flowers are coming right along,your cone-flower center is red
that is different? I have only seen yellow.
Have a good evening.

Mildred said...

I have a feeling the ditch work will cost 3 times what it should have, had they done it right the first time. What a shame!
Love seeing your daylilies. Spell check always changes my cat Kaboodle's name to Caboodle! lol Glad you figured out what the problem was with the a/c and that it was an easy fix. Glad it was cool for you to get the grass cut, also. We are having a cooler day with a nice breeze - feels great! Wishing you and your son a Happy Father's Day.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

That is nice of you to share tomatoes with neighborhood.

Your daylily blooms are pretty, love the coloring.

Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

It' said...

I always enjoy your beautiful flowers, and stories of "the ditch", ha ha.
I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day!