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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday's Ways and Means......

This is the first bloom of this Asiatic lily.  It has many buds on it so I can take many more photos of it.  A distinct memory of this lily comes from attending a flower show.  A group of people who belong to a local lily association had a both set up.  An older couple who loved lilies suggested this flower and I bought it.  It has been many  years now since then. I just remember as to how concerned that I would plant it just right to make it grow. There were three bulbs and now it has multiplied to a dozen.

Another first time bloom this season is this small lily.  It has a subtle color and it is about the a third smaller than the other varieties. I really don't know where I bought this one but I bet it came from the arboretum that is north of us near Boone, Iowa.

And now you see the one lily that I photograph most.  It is the field lily, ditch lily, that grows wild at all the old farmsteads.  I am thinking that I brought this home from a ditch across from the Zenia, Iowa cemetery.  It is an old cemetery from a now gone town.  The town was full of coal miners and their families. The lilies were growing there but there was no farm left to see in the area. It had been cleared away as it done a lot when farms are bought up by one person.

Another new appearance last night was this fellow sitting on our roof.  I had seen him before in the dark and once as he crawled up the porch pole to escape me as I walked outside.  I think he use to eat the maple leaf seeds from the roof but now I don't really understand why is is up there.  He lives in the silver maple tree but wants to sit on the house and look out over the world.  It was dusk and I had a hard time getting the shot. I really don't want to trap him but if someone else wanted to and take him back to the timber outside of town I would be glad to see it happen.  When the cornfields become a part of his dinner menu he will be out there all of the time.

I give the neighbor tomato plants that I have started and she eventually returns the containers.  I get my containers back and also all the other containers she and her friend buys at the store.  I then high grade them all and toss some of them for her. There are only so many of these things that you need to have around.

It is going to be another very warm day around here.  It warms up so quickly in the morning and then doesn't cool down until late night early morning the next day.  We had some rain in the state and we had sprinkles from it while the sun was shining.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Did you see that blogger received my complaint and they reset my header gadget.  I found this morning that I then had a header and then the side header that I was allowed to put on yesterday afternoon.  I am not sure if like the new template but I was trading things around trying to get my header gadget to work again.


Patsy said...

Your header is different!
The new photo of Teddy is so cute ,he is growing.
And your lily's are lovely. You got one bad old bandit
at your house.

Mildred said...

The Asiatic lily color is so beautiful. Glad it has done well and multiplied. I like the daylily and ditch lily too. Many years ago, a couple of neighbors shared the old fashioned ditch lilies with us and we loved them. Too cute about the neighbor giving you back more containers than you gave! Reminds me of when we were first married and I baked a lot for John's co-workers. They would return the plates and ask for refills! lol I know you'll be glad for Rocky to move along to the corn field. We are struggling with the heat and lack of rain here. After dark, John has been watering a few things. Wishing you both a pleasant evening.

Vicki Lane said...

I love that double ditchlily! And I like the watercolor template.