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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday's Tidbits.......

I shared this lily a week ago with all the buds in one concentrated area.  In the past few days the top stem started to extend up and separate all of those buds.  I think it has some more height to develop.  It is an old bulb that I moved from a very wet area to this sunny dry spot and the plant is really showing off with all of its height and number of buds.

Having two blogs that I write each day I find that I don't get all the same things covered.  On Photo a Day I share my better executed photos.  That is the plan anyway with that blog. I share things there that I find never make it on this blog. This iris was never shared on my Creative Zone.

I actually bought three new hybrid iris last year and this is the first one to bloom. I never shared this on my Creative Zone.   All of the blooms are now gone. It was planted in partial to full sun on the south side of my house.  It likes being there. It is more lavender than which the camera is showing.

This is the second one to bloom.  It sits on the north side of this wooden fence.  It has more sun in the afternoon but is protected by large bushes to the north of it. This photo of the iris is probably true to the color with the darker blue at top and light blue falls. This is planted next to a hybrid white iris that I share a lot and and antique white and blue iris.

This last one I did share photos of a lot because I took so many photos of it. This iris was planted in my garden that was the old spreading juniper site.  It gets less sun than the other two so it was the last to bloom.

I took probably my last shots for the season of this one as they are in a fast decline now. As the iris go the lily blooms start.

The red brown iris just didn't do much this year.  I think it was a start from my neighbor so it didn't have a big rhizome from the start as the ones that I bought.

We have errands to run today and we are cold.  I can work outside some this afternoon when it I don't have to wear a coat to work.  I wish all to have a great day.  Thanks for stopping by today. 


Patsy said...

Oh! those Iris are gorgeous, love the colors.

Mildred said...

Glad the lily is doing so well. I sure enjoy the iris photos.