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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday and I am Back.......

The sun rose on Thursday morning and then I became really busy.  I didn't have a free time to even open up my computer. I was at school getting ready for Monday's first day of school and I couldn't get the computer to connect to the school server to check my mail when I did try.  To confuse things the Tech guy gave me a new Macbook Air to use while I am at school.  I spent time getting use to the new innovations on the Mac. Now when you drag the cursor down on the screen the screen moves down. The old computer does the opposite.

I have to log into the school computer, then log into google chrome to get to the school site and then log into the required site to do the computer work for the class. All of the passwords are different and must be remembered.  I just set up my own gmail account a few weeks ago and now I have a second gmail account for school mail and of course I still have my yahoo mail hanging around.   I am feeling too old to deal with it all but I will buck up and get the job done.

I was low on photos to share so you can imagine the frustration when my camera shut down when I was trying to photograph a monarch butterfly.  I went inside and grabbed my wife's camera and the butterfly was gone. Later when I looked out late afternoon, I could see the insect fluttering around from flower to flower.

The butterfly hung around for a while but I still only got two photos of it before it decided to move on to bigger and better flowers. The coneflowers are pretty much spent so I am glad I have the zinnias growing right there.

I will finish with my tomato scene.  I have lots of romas ready to be picked. We buy bacon only once or twice a year and we bought some last night for BLTs sandwiches.

Another busy day today but I did get my blog up.  Business meetings this morning and I need to go back up to the school to get final instructions.  If the woman does not have her baby by Monday I still do work and we will team teach until she goes to the hospital. 

I thank you for stopping by today.  I did get a phone call from a son wondering if I was ok as I didn't blog yesterday.  Yep I am fine.  Tomorrow for sure........I will see you.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Glad you are okay and just busy! Your Romas are looking yummy! :)

Red said...

Passwords? Once you have a number of accounts something has to be done so that passwords are remembered. You don't want to be resetting passwords. I had a challenge to recover an email. So , yes, I write down my passwords and hide the little piece of paper!!!

Mildred said...

I would feel overwhelmed with all the diff. computers/passwords, etc. John bought me a laptop for my birthday...the one I had the screen had neon green and pink blotches on the screen! One of my favorite sandwiches is BLT. I know you are enjoying those Roma's. I love seeing the butterflies enjoying your zinnias. I hope the weekend will be relaxing.

The Furry Gnome said...

Hope your teaching year goes well!