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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer Blures and Grays......

A cool front moves in this morning and it will be better living for us.  I was up with Button at three in the morning.  Stepping out on the porch is was so humid that it was like walking into a wall of water. At the same time we were having a pop up shower with heavy rain coming down at the same time. We both got wet while we were out there.

The flowers seem to be tired looking with all the rain showers yesterday and also this morning.  We do not lack green foliage this year and our grass has not burned out. It is nice to have green in August.

Since I cut down my overgrown lilac bushes I can now see the soft pine tree growing on the lot line. Our neighbor girl would get 10 pine trees free from the National Arbor organization each year.  She planted them in rows about three feet apart. She is now a grown woman with three girls.  You can see in the background the row of pines that follow this foreground one. It really has stunted their growth by being so close together.  I see the swallowtails fly up into that pine tree and I am not sure why they do that.  I don't think they drink sap but maybe there is moisture on the needles.

Circumstances in life seem to be keeping me from taking photos.  Rain and wind keep me inside ant the hot sun with heavy humidity has slowed me down too.  I would like to return to the morning glory patch across the street.  I am sure they will be blooming everyday for weeks.  My morning glories have no buds on them yet.  I have four different locations that I have planted them and they all seem to be at the same stage. It seems strainge that the ones in the cornfield are so advanced but they came up in the spring growing from last years fallen seed.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes it is nice to see the green lawn but I am tired of mowing! This is one of the wettest summers ever here in Minnesota. :(