Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The garden angel in the backyard seems to enjoy all the different kinds of weather conditions.  It is always collecting water when it falls from the sky. We had a small sprinkle this morning but nothing major.

My other angel, the "thoughtful one," lives on the porch under the roof.  He seems to always give off some expression that can be interpreted differently at different times of the day. On my Photo a Day blog I have shared the other garden angel that guards the hostas.  The old wash table sits on the porch next to the door with a crockery stoneware jar making up the most simple decoration.  The neighbor cat is my decorator as he likes to set on the table and helps knock anything else that I place on it onto the porch florr.

I spent a short period of time trying to photograph butterflies yesterday afternoon.  The sun was too bright in the sky and I ended up only getting a couple of good shots out of a dozen that I took. I really don't know the identity of this butterfly.  It has moth-like qualities but I am sure it is a butterfly. Its wings are so long and narrow compared to others that I see out there.  Its body reminds me of a moth's body.

It is time to take the birdhouse down and move it.  I don't remember ever of it having a bird's nest in it.  I don't think the location is the best and a change is needed.  I may find it filled with twigs and just need to clean it out.  This view beyond the fence is so unusual to me as that is where all the lilac bushes had been.  There were 25 foot branches on the white lilac and they stood tall or hung down over the fence.  After cutting everything back I seeded it with grass seed and it is green and lush under the once canopied area. It probably has not had grass growing there the past 20 years.

I have morning glories planted in four locations.  They are healthy and growing big now but I still do not have buds on three of them.  I discovered yesterday a bud cluster and a bloom about to unfurl next to my back door.

The vine is wimpy and the plant grows out of metal container.  The bloom of course is going to be right in front of my bad corner of the 110 year old house where I haven't scrapped old paint and repainted.  I haven't check for a bloom yet this morning but I will take the camera later as I am sure I can see a blooming flower.

Staying on my unwritten lists of things to do today.  I mowed the orchard yesterday and moved a small wood pile that needed to be move a few years ago. It feels good to get the things done and it is all cleared and mowed, clean under that tree.  I did not know that we had bull snakes in town but I saw a baby one yesterday while moving the wood.  Weeds and old shingles are my main concern but I can find other things to do.  Our days start out really nice right now but by late afternoon we tend to be heated up to the uncomfortable range.

The weather and fires in California do dominate the news as people are put into such danger.  I would hope that as we move through the summer that a lot of this settles down. I hope my blog followers are all safe.  Thanks for stopping by today.

An added note, I took a look at the bud outside before I finished this writing and the white morning glory is big and beautiful  I don't remember planting that color but that is another story for another day.


Patsy said...

Happy days! you now have a bud, hope we get to see it next post.All bloomed out.
We are still getting rain from the coast. sure feel sorry for those people in Louisiana.

Far Side of Fifty said...

About time for a bud! It will be worth the wait. We have heavy dew in the morning too and I think that keeps the grass growing. We have storms headed this way today, hope they miss us:)

The Furry Gnome said...

That first shot of the Morning Glory is really neat.