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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Goodbye Picasa........

We were being warned by google that picasa was going to be changed.  It actually was yanked.  I opened up the app and they now send me to google chrome photos. I refuse to count the number of extra steps that I now have to do but I did figure it all out. In the past when I hooked up to google photos, because of my son's involvement with it, I did notice every photo that I was downloading in picasa really was downloading in google photos at the same time.  Everything from my past picasa files was moved to the new company's files.  So now I can play with restricted collages and download to my new, by name, storage file. When I want to get a photo for blogspot I do still see the same picasa format menu in which I can select photos. I did try to write this without being negative today.

My neighbor's are now living in their trailer at the fair.  So I was able to walk the property line down to the cornfield to see what was going on in the field.  I will be returning this morning to take photos of all the morning glories.  If the neighbors were home they wouldn't care that I walk over there but I just like not invading their privacy.  The could be soaking in their hot tub if I go over some times.

The corn seems to be a little slow in development for as early as it was planted. I was expecting the ears to be farther along in size. The farm renter has switched to a different variety this year. Two years ago the corn stalk only grew one ear of corn per stock.  Last year's variety had one large ear and one medium sized ear on one stalk.  As you can see that he must have liked the one ear per stalk.  I do think they plant this variety closer together.  I am sure the computerized planter is set for putting out seeds at just the right spacing.

The farmer who rents this land was one of my former students.  He is a father of 7 or 8 kids and one of his sons now does the farming work on this field.  The boy, Will, who has a twin sister, would tell me while at school of  the processes that they have to do to get the field ready and planted. This years corn doesn't look like the past years.  The guy who mows the grass must have put on chemical on the grass as the first row of corn is all short and stunted.  There are a lot of weeds in the corn this year.

My dad would make us boys walk the corn to get rid of the button weeds and burdock.  Seeing how tall this button weed is I can understand why he didn't want to deal with it during corn picking time. They grow taller than the corn.

Last year I would go over and catch photos of a few morning glories. This year they have invaded the corn field like it was a happening in an alien movie.  They are growing thick all along the edge of the corn.  I guess the herbicide that they put on did not do a good job. The whole field is weed filled. 

I will be returning to take photos this morning while the glories are blooming. It is an amazing batch of vines.

No big plans for today.  We spend a lot of time taking care of our aging little dog.  We don't like to leave him for very long so just take short trips to get supplies.  Our weather has change to a great cooling off period.  Maybe we can leave the air off for a while.  I guess the cool front is shooting far south of us into Missouri and maybe into Texas.

 The cool front has created some great cloud formations.  The early morning trip outside with the dogs gave me a clue that I needed to get the camera.  I really don't think the iphone did a good job of caputuring the true color.  I guess I should have gone back to get my camers.

It is the weekend.  I wish everyone well today.  Thanks for stopping by today.


L. D. said...

My blurry eyes meed me to make my blog more readable. I at one time had a larger font and I guess I need to mess with that. For now I am going blue so I can read my own blog. The blur is a temporary thing that my eyes do.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Thanks for the corn field tour. Interesting that the morning glories are so happy in there. I discovered Picasa was no longer available when I tried to install the software on my new laptop. I'm now using Windows 10 Photo Gallery to organize my photos on the laptop. I was happy to discover that all my Picasa tags transferred and I can batch tag photos in there which is an improvement. I only use the Google photos for my blog. My other photos are just on the laptop and backed up on other drives. I miss the filter features, but am learning to do them in Gallery and with Gimp. Take care!

Mildred said...

I can understand that you two do not want to leave Button alone for more than a short time. As blog friends, we become attached to one another's pets, too.
I enjoyed the corn field tour and the morning glories. We commented recently on fields near us where the corn looks stunted.
I hope you all have a good night.

Red said...

I will have to look at my picasa site to see what problems I will have.

The Furry Gnome said...

I love that interesting sky!