Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday PM......

The river birch spreads wide as well as tall. I promised the shed to get that branch off of it and it is done. I took the ladder up with a trim saw in hand and stood on the roof to trim it all away.  I did the same to the other side of that peak as the apple tree was doing the same thing. 

Young squirrels were out and about chasing each other up and dow the old tree.  With my two large trees removed the population of squirrels has become slim.  I think two maybe three is all that is out there anymore. 

The normal color for the hydrangea in the front of my house looks like this photo.  They started out white and now have turned to this light green color.

So right now I have one branch that seemed to miss the blooming season message.  Here is a very late bloom on the hydrangea.

I am posting in the afternoon today. It has clouded over for the afternoon and we are warm.   The wave petunias just are not growing quickly.   Every rain that we have caused it to close up all of it flowers making it look like it was in a ten foot flood.  They are back today looking somewhat normal.

I hope all have a good Sunday afternoon.  Take care of yourselves and thanks for stopping by at my post.

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