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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Morning Mentions........

Cooler weather with the sun shining is a gift. We can have cool weather with clouds but it doesn't seem like summer in Iowa that way. Here the sun glow distorts the view of the cloud pattern in the sky.

I was glad to successfully capture the true colors of this smaller butterfly. The yellow color tends to reflect so much light that the camera doesn't pick up the color with spots and a black edging on the wings.

They are small pears but there are many pears on my tree this year. Night and day I can hear the apples dropping to the ground.  I picked these pears to see if I can get them to ripen in the house.

Stella D'Oora is blooming again.  It is planted in partial shade so the blooms really are not so plentiful.  I see them planted in mall areas in full sun and the plants seem to like it there.

I can find two different names for this swallowtail. Life is too short to figure out if it is an Eastern Tiger or a Western Tiger swallowtail.  I saw a black swallowtail a few days ago but I can't prove it with a photo. You just have to take my word on it.

Wow, this is a good photo.  They are in a file and are small but when I enlarged this I really think its a wonderful shot.  Pink and blue seem to be the only two colors growing in the cornfield.  My own vines that I have planted have yet to put out a single bloom.  I did see I have some buds forming.

I am debating as to when I should go back over and take more photos.  I know that everyone probably has seen enough by now.

It looks like we will have good weather today.  I have projects, chores, things to do and I really don't know which thing I will do first.  I keep finding things to add to my mental list which is bogging me down.  My frame job is going to be done soon.  I do need to make the frame but the attaching of the items is a major job that is almost done.  I have just a few pieces of lace and small stuff to attach to the composition.

Monday's are sort of a shock as we come off of a busy weekend.  I will hope all are doing well in your world. Thanks for stopping in today.


Patsy said...

Never to many photo's of flowers!
Have a happy week

Mildred said...

I love seeing your diff. views of the morning glories. Glad the frame job is almost done; I don't like a project like that hanging over me too long.