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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday's Things.........

One lone monarch stayed the afternoon at the zinnia patch.  They really don't like the phlox and didn't really want much to do with the coneflowers. I am glad that I did get at least six plants to grow out of that whole packet of seeds.

The moss rose seems to bloom in cycles and it is now coming back for more blooming time. The foliage is thinning out on it as the weather seems to be hard on it. I am thinking I need to move it off the patio and more into the shade.

The surprise lilies have their two stalks for flowers and all buds are now open. It is a different type of bloom reminding me more of a tropical flower with long petals.

In the area where I had planted sunflower seed weeks ago, I now have three seeds that finally sprouted.  I know that they will not make it to bloom time but it will be my own scientific study to see what will happen. For a while I was thinking some vole was digging out the seeds and eating them.  I don't think squirrels would want to eat them.  I planted twice with not results until now.

Here is the monarch escaping my camera's shot by flying away to another garden area.  It really does like the zinnias more and does eventually comes back to them.

Out of all the phlox growing in the garden, this one batch grew taller than all others out there.  It also was the last to bloom. It looks overgrown and is covering up the last of the monarda, bee balm.

I am on my way to a coffee this morning of retired teachers from my school.  I am only three blocks away so I can't really justify not going.  It is a little like a class reunion thing and we get to see how old we all have become.  I am younger than the most of the group and yet I did work with some of them 25 years or so.  The ironic thing is that I have gone back to substitute teach at the school the past four years and I am close friends with all the new generation of staff at the same school.  That connection is so real while going back to see the retired ones seems strange.

I have a new found project that will go to the front of the list and I will share that later.  It has to do with the house's roof.   We are moving into high humidity today and each day will become warmer.  That means working outside in the morning only.  I hope all are well out there.  Thank you for stopping in today.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Love that first photo with the zinnia and the monarch. You've got some lovely blooms growing there.


Mildred said...

How very nice to get together with past co-workers for coffee. I love seeing your different flowers and the butterflies. My bargain bee balm that I purchased last week is a dark purple. I am thrilled! At our old house, we have a mystery plant that the birds must have planted. We are hoping to see what it is before the house sale is final. We think it is a veggie plant.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That Monarch is beautiful, we have only seen a few all summer. Humid and dreary here today:(