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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Middle of the Week.......

It is time to share the fish again. I was too busy to put them outside this year as I was concerned I wouldn't find time to get them out of the tank in the fall.  Photos are still hard to capture with the backlighting thing going on causing the camera problems.

Do you remember the algae eater that I bought a while back?  He is not transparent and clear looking anymore but has taken on color is is larger.  He has had plenty of algae to scoop up from the glass as the tank sits in the sun in the morning. I bet he wasn't two inches long back then.

A blurry photo of the calico fish.  He has really grown this past year and does hold his own with all the older larger goldfish.

Just a teaser photo of what I took photos of this morning before I came to school. I had many blooms and took a few shots. This was taken yesterday afternoon when all the blooms were gone.

My pepperoni plant is doing well.  I bought it as it was a piece of history of my past.  Pepperoni plants were put in terrariums back in the 70s and expected to stay in a stunned state and not grow large while in a closed glass container.

I planted it in this container and it just keeps growing.  I really don't like its growing behavior as it appears to be a vine.  I have it out on the patio table and it seems to like getting a shower once in a while and receiving sunshine. At this point I am not sure if I need to get a larger pot or start cutting it up and giving it away.

I am settling in as being a Literacy teacher.  My person that will have her baby soon will leave me alone with all her students at noon.  I will be in charge or at least look like I am in charge for the next 10 weeks.

My projects that I have to do are all on hold now and I will have to learn to squeeze work in after work and on weekends.  I see from looking at my yard that I am already behind on mowing my yard.

We are in a cooler mode of temperatures now and the grass seems to be wet with dew most mornings now. We are so green right now and it sort of seems like fall. I really am not ready for winter.

I wish you all well on this Wednesday and thank you for stopping by for a visit.


Mildred said...

Hope you survived the afternoon.
It's fun to see your fish.
I don't remember the pepperoni plant. It sure is growing!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Next time you plant a pepperomia just keep snipping off the growing end! Sounds like you are in charge at school now:)