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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Morning Again......

The hidden bicycle makes a different kind of trellis as it has had all of the foliage grow up in it.  The town has a theme of displaying bikes in our yards to promote the High Trestle Bridge which is on the bike trail three miles out of town, The bridge is 13 stories high spanning the Des Moines river and has an art sculpture forms on it to enhance it.  The now three cafes in town are greatly benefiting from the trail's bike riders.  I see people's photo on facebook that have visited the Whistling Donkey bar and grill frequently and have been on the bike.  Some of them are relatives that I rarely see and others are people from other parts of the state that I know but are not close friends. I live on the opposite side of town and really don't want people to drop in when they do visit but is seems strange to have them in my town.

The last time I mowed the orchard I picked up a pear from the ground and ate it while I pushed the mower.  I did wipe it off on my pants some but all in all it tasted pretty good. I need to start bringing them in to the house and let them ripen for eating.  They come off the tree pretty much a hard fiber fruit. If they ripen on the tree the insects and birds hit them hard.

I did pick up apples from the ground and pealed them for my wife to make pie.  We have eaten four pieces from the pie and the rest will be gone today or tomorrow.  It is so delicious. My wife has perfected a crust that has lest salt in it and added sugar to make it a crisp great tasting crust.  My mom was jealous of my wife's pie making abilities.  My mom made a lot of pies in her life but for me to marry a successful pie maker kind of bothered her. I think you catch the drift of what I am saying here.

The house seems to be in distress but maybe this fall I can give it some attention.  I have lots of major things to do so it will have to wait.  I guess I should start doing things like this in my basement during the winter.

A rose bush that I had gifted my parents years ago was moved to our house when we closed down the houses.  It has never done as well as it did on the south side of my parents home.  I have only one or two stems per year and usually at least two blooms.

It is almost the end of August and my tomatoes are finally ripening.  The romas are looking good even though there is black rot on some of the smaller tomatoes.  Too much rain brings on the black rot but it seems to be a minimal problem.

My day will be different today as I am not going to do things physically.  I damaged some muscle in my shoulder, probably last week, and now it has chosen to be inflamed. It will work where I have to do things with my arms.  No yard mowing for me today.  It is one of those temporary things as the inflammation moves around.  I suspect that my muscles on the opposite side will end up hurting tomorrow.  I will just have to rest.  I did snap some shots this morning and I am still able to feed myself so it is just an distraction for a while.

The rains just keep being predicted but for now we have a bright sunny cold day.  Everyone's yards are growing so quickly and it is keeping those short cut grassers busy trying to perfect the greens.  I hope all are well today and I thank you for stopping by today at my  post.


Patsy said...

Sorry you hurt! That pink rose is wonderful.
Do you go back to school soon? We have sunshine to day but it is not cool here yet.

The Furry Gnome said...

That pie looks delish!

Mildred said...

So sorry about your shoulder.
My mother would help John make a hot ketchup with his tomatoes. We surely enjoyed it and have sweet memories of those days together.
Your wife's pie looks so good. That's cute about your mom being a little jealous of Della's pie making skills!
When I first met John's parents, I made the dad a coconut cream pie with meringue. The first words out of John's mom's mouth were, "do you want me to tell you what you did wrong??" lol