Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trudging, Trolling, Tramping and Tripping into Tuesday.

The wave petunia seems to be growing stronger and is putting out more blooms.  It is getting plenty of rain and I can now take photos of more than two flowers at a time.

The rose seemed to rebloom quickly.  I like how I get two blooms at a time.  If it were a good shrub, I would have more than just  two stems on the plant.  I am grateful that it blooms and it survives our very cold winters.

The reality of the look of this plant is that the rains have taken out so many buds.  You can see all the dead stems in the background.  I of course did remove all the dead stems from the hardy geranium after I took the photograph.   It is like washing the kids face after they had their school pictures taken.

The roma tomatoes will all ripen at the same time.  We will eat them, share them and freeze some of them.  The variety of roma that I have is a larger sized roma.  I have mentioned before that when I was a kid they marketed the roma, calling it a catsup tomato.  The step grandparents that grew them didn't make their own catsup but they did like trying out new things to grow.

It seems strange that I only have one kind of zinnia this year but I like them and the butterflies and bees do like them.  I need to plant earlier the zinnias as well as the tomatoes.  My late starts of two sunflower plants that finally came up after being planted a month are still in observation as to they will make it to maturity.  They plants look strong and healthy but are a month behind where they should be. My volunteer sunflower from the birdfeeder is at its end of maturity already and the seeds are formed.

My aches and pains seem to be almost gone so I will be mowing the tall grass this morning.  I have a lot of things to do before school starts so I can't waste too much time. I need to venture up to the school some time today and see how tings are going.  They installed air conditioning in the building that I am subbing in and they are cutting it close to having it done. The wing had to be torn up a lot in the ceilings to get it all installed.  It is just like the teacher that I am subbing for as she is to have here baby the day school starts.  Lots of things going on in our lives these day in many different aspects.  We are weary but are staying strong.  When life gets to be a little challenging it seems the more challenges crop up.  As things are resolved maybe I will share and maybe not.  We all have our own struggles in life and mine are no more important than yours.

Thank you for checking this posting out today.  The week is ahead of us with days of activity and new explorations.  I hope everyone is safe.  As one of my blog friends usually says........tomorrow!!!!


racheld said...

All this pink just BRIGHTS my heart. Thank you thank you for all your lovely photos and words here for the sharing.

Hope you're still staying cool---my DDIL is on her way there this minute on a business trip, the first in our family to ever visit your beautiful state.
She promised to text me from Des Moines.


L. D. said...

I sure hope the Iowans treat her right. For the most part we are a bunch of nice people. I hope she has a successful trip.

Mildred said...

I enjoyed the colorful blooms and hosta. God bless you two as you face hardships/challenges.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Gosh as we get older there seem to be challenges around every corner. I hope yours are resolved or at least getting better. I over did my shoulder too and now must rest it a day maybe to get old. You better make that list I bet school starts on Monday for you! Yikes:(

It' said...

I have a wonderful recipe for making a sauce from Roma's ~ you quarter them with yellow onion, garlic & salt & druzzle with olive oil (it also calls for red pepper flakes that I add in abundance) and roast @ 450 for 35-40 min, then mash with a potato masher, leaving chunks of tomato. Really good on anything!. I wish I had your garden, but it's tough to garden in the high desert.