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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Second Day of the Week.........

The old windmill, a small one used as a lawn ornament, gives me a good center of interest in my photo as the sun shines through it.  The wild vine that grows on it is healthier than last year and almost covers the whole thing.  The encroaching river birch on the right also seems to be crowding it.

The story behind it is funny as I remember my wife and me trying to stuff it horizontally into our old van.  It was at my wife's Aunt Irenes's place and the property was being shut down and sold.  The blades ended up sticking as far forward in the van as to be projecting between the two front seats.  My wife is use to me loading elephants or giraffes into the car and driving them home, so she took it all in stride. I need to buy an older truck with a very large storage bed so I can haul the world with it.

I am amazed as to how tall this hollyhock has grown.  There are flowers blooming now at the very top.  When I tilted the camera upward I did not realize what an unusual sky that we had.  Our weather is freaky right now and we are on the edge of fronts that makes the clouds look different.  We ended up this morning though with a lot of rain from one of the fronts that did allow some storms to go over us.

The blurry big zinnia is just a foil for the focused background. You can count the three zinnias that I now have in bloom.  Each one is in a different stage of development. My garden shed tomato patch is behind all of this with stakes on it.  I had leftover tomato plants that I had started so brought them out here on a very muddy day and put them in the ground.  There are 12 of them and they did well without much care.  It will be my fall back crop of tomatoes as the other batch next to the back yard is probably a couple of weeks ahead of these plants.

I took this photo intentionally to see the special effects that are created by the camera. The orange-red hardy geranium is in the sun and the digital picks up these yellow almost glowing colors that really are not there. I can get truer colors when the flower is in the shade.

I am sure the nursery catalog people would really appreciate a photo like this but I have to share my success as a tomato farmer. I shot the photo through the webbed wire fence so the fact that it worked is amazing.  We have had a rain this morning again so I should not have to carry water today.  These are a steak tomato which have formed so quickly these last few days.

One cannot tell the plants apart once they are mixed together but I only had two varieties that I planted from seed.  It just so happened that I ended up with six roma and six  steak tomatoes in this row. My wife usually buys roma tomatoes at the store as she liked working with them better than the other kinds that they sell at the grocery.

The framing project continues.  I took everything off of the front of the mat and turned over the mat.  I then cut four different sized openings in the mat to make the finished collage more interesting to see. I will have some things now in windows that recede back to help make it look more like a display. I can also put small spools of thread in the openings to make more space. You will have to wait and see what that is all about as I finish and put glass on it.

We will probably have the same kind of day today as the weather is just the same.  I have yard to mow but it is just too wet in the morning.  It will be too hot in the afternoon to do it so it will just have to be long. I hope everyone is have a good August 2nd.  We lost July while I wasn't looking. I go back to work at the middle school on
the 29th of August for the very last time.  I will share more about that later.

Thank you for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

Enjoyed your post today!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your tomatoes look great! I think you might be a perfectionist framer...:)