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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday's Here.......

The birch stands tall and provides a great foliage that seems to frame it great looking bark. The bark is little exposed all summer and in the fall the yellow leaves help to accent its color and texture.  I haven't taken many shots of the tree this summer as it is one large tree of green.  I just happened to walk through my backyard gate and noticed that I can see tree trunk from that side of the tree.

The apple crop is good again this year.  I can hear them fall to the ground about any time of the day.  At night when I am out with the dog it is kind of a spooky sound and it goes bonk in the night. I can see evidence of animals at night chewing into the apples for food.  Squirrels do like them in the daytime but I am suspecting that the coon and the opossum is out there at night.  I did have a skunk go through one time last week but they tend to stay out in the cornfield.

The past weeks have been busy and I have been too distracted to get some of my photos posted.  The small butterflies are all that I am seeing out in the garden the past few days.  The coneflowers are almost all gone now, which is early for them, but the zinnia planting is keeping insects with wings coming around.

We did some facetime with our son and our youngest grandson, Teddy, last evening.  We need to get his first toy from us sent out to him soon.  The other grandson needs to probably have a gift purchased too and then they can be sent out together.  I am amazed at the kind of toys that are offered these days based on movies and tv shows. The PBS show about Thomas the train is one of our oldest grandson's favorite. He has quite a collection of those kind of toys in you young life of 3 and a half years.

The second bloom is out and now gone.  I see a bud that is about to unfurl to take its place. If any of the other three vines ever bloom I might be able to take photos with some different bloom colors.

Many things have been going on in our lives this week and we are just trying to stay ahead of it all.  I do think rain is in our forecast for this afternoon.  The weekend is coming.

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Patsy said...

Fridays are the end and Mondays or the beginning.
Saturday and Sunday or days of rest.
Love your big white glory!

Far Side of Fifty said...

They make all kinds of great toys now a days! I miss going down the toy aisle...perhaps I will stroll down it one day! :)